Note : The love between Steven and Lapis is family love not romantic


 Lapis and Steven are sitting outside watching the sunset, waiting for the gems. Steven notices Lapis is being surly.

“Are you okay?” Steven asks.

“I don’t know,” Lapis responds.

“Hm?” Steven asks.

“I-I-I just miss home, Steven. But if I went back, I would be shattered,” Lapis admits.

“Why?” Steven asks.

“I fused with Jasper to protect you! It’s against Homeworld rules to fuse with a different type of gem and not fusing for war purpose,” Lapis explains.

“Oh,” Steven says. The two are silent for a couple minutes.

“Steven, I don’t get why you hangout with them,” Lapis says.

“And I don’t get why you care that I hangout with them,” Steven says.

“Steven,” Lapis says.

“No!” Steven interrupts. “Why do you care that I hangout with them?” Steven asks.

“Have they told you anything?” Lapis asks.

“What?” Steven asks.

“Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl aren’t all good and “I want to save the Earth”, Lapis responds.

“What do you mean?” Steven asks.

“They’re the reason I was stuck in that awful mirror for a long time! They put me in there! They ruined part of my life!” Lapis cries.

“Why did they put you in there?” Steven asks.

 “I just wanted to save my friends from their clutches. I failed. Rose bubbled me but the three decided to do that to me,” Lapis explains.

“Oh,” Steven says.

“And your mother was the reason why that kindergarten was created. She realized it was wrong and shut it down,” Lapis goes on.

“Oh,” Steven says.

“And your Pearl served White Diamond. She never cared for this Earth, all she care was for Rose,” Lapis reveals.

“Oh,” Steven says.


“The Diamonds don’t care either,” Steven says, trying to defend them.

“Yes! Exactly! But at least they’re not lying and manipulative like your friends!” Lapis says.

“Oh,” Steven says.

“There, now you know truth. Sorry I had to tell you now when they could’ve along time ago,” Lapis says.

Steven begins to cry, “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe they lied to me all this time!”

“Steven,” Lapis says, starting to regret what she said.

“I was so dumb enough to think they were always completely good,” Steven says.

“Steven, I’m sorry!” Lapis says.

“No, I should thank you! You told me the truth!” Steven says.

“No! I did but I shouldn't of. Steven, you're the one gem that actually cares about me. I let my selfishness and hatred for your friends get out of hand,” Lapis says. Steven wipes his tears, Lapis then puts her hands on Steven’s shoulders. “They’ve had bad secrets. But please don’t let these ruin your relationship with them,” Lapis says.

“I won’t,” Steven says.

Lapis notices that Steven is still upset and hugs him, “I love you, Steven.”

“I love you too,” Steven says.

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