Peridot’s POV

   There is this quartz I secretly admired for being a quartz (but I also hated her at the same time), her name is Amethyst. But that feeling has changed. Everytime she talks to me I feel all mushy and stuff. I don’t know what that feeling is! It's like when she is sad, I want to cheer her up, when she is happy, I want to make her more happier, when she is in danger, I want to save her! WHY DO I FEEL THIS WAY? WHAT IS THIS FEELING?

Amethyst’s POV

   I’ve been on Earth for a very long time now, and I’m too lazy to remember when, hehe. So there's this gem name Peridot (but I call her other things too like Peri and P-dot). I used to hate her because she was aligned with Homeworld and did multiple stupid, annoying, and bad things. It's changed since then. I have now have weird feelings about Peridot. I think she’s cute, funny, nice, and more. She stood up to Yellow Diamond for us! You might think I think this way about Pearl, well, I think of her more as a sister then how I think of Peridot.

 Back to Peridot… She saved me from a drill that almost destroyed my physical form. She risked her physical form! I was still mad at her for what she said to me but I wasn’t as mad as before. I try to maintain my coolness around her but it's hard. Stars, Why have I gone soft?


  Peridot is in the barn looking for something she misplaced. Amethyst tackles her to the ground. “AH!” Peridot screams. Amethyst begins to laugh. Peridot looks up at Amethyst annoyed.

 “Relax, It was a joke!” Amethyst tells Peridot. Amethyst gets up and helps Peridot up. Peridot dusts off her shirt.

“Wasn’t very funny to me,” Peridot says in annoyed voice.

“Hehe! Peridot, you gotta loosen up!” Amethyst says to Peridot. Peridot rolls her eyes. “What are you looking for, anyways?” Amethyst asks Peridot.

“I’m looking for something I misplaced,” Peridot responds. Amethyst picks up a hammer.

“Is this it?” Amethyst asks. Peridot snatches it out Amethyst’s hand.

“Yes it is,” Peridot tells Amethyst.

“Jeez, what's your issue?” Amethyst asks Peridot.

“Um! Nothing!” Peridot says. Peridot blushes.

“Don’t lie to me. I’m not stupid,” Amethyst says in a annoyed voice.

Peridot facepalms, “WHY ARE YOU SO DIFFICULT?” Peridot loudly asks. Peridot stomps the ground in annoyance. “Everytime you talk to me I feel all mushy and stuff. I don’t know what that feeling is! It's like when  you're sad, I want to cheer you up, when you're happy, I want to make you more happier, when you're in danger, I want to save you! WHY DO I FEEL THIS WAY? WHAT IS THIS FEELING?” Peridot admits.

Amethyst blushes and looks at her. “You really feel this way about me?” Amethyst asks her in shock. Peridot nods. “Its called a crush, Peri. And I’m kinda glad you admitted that cause I like you too,” Amethyst admits.

“You have a crush on me? A Peridot?” Peridot asks in a confused voice.

“Yes!” Amethyst claims.

Peridot blushes, “Why?” Peridot asks Amethyst.

Amethyst chuckles and smiles. “I don’t know,” Amethyst says under her breath and she kicks a ball on the ground. Amethyst then looks at Peridot and shrugs. “I guess it's because you’re’re’re cool.. You risked your physical form for me once… You stood up to Yellow Diamond…” Amethyst says to Peridot.

Peridot and Amethyst turn away nervously then look at each other. Amethyst leans in and gently kisses Peridot’s lips then pulls away slowly. They giggle nervously a little. “I’ve..I’ve never experienced this back on Homeworld,” Peridot tells Amethyst.

“Hey! I’ve never done this either! I’ve just seen Paulette and Percy on your dumb TV show and Greg and Rose do this stuff!” Amethyst claims.

  “Hey!” Peridot jokingly claims. The two laugh then are silent for a minute. Peridot looks at Amethyst blushing. “I-I-I liked it,” Peridot admits. Peridot pushes Amethyst’s bang aside and kisses her. After a minute of a long kiss the two stop.

“I’m going to go take a nap. Later nerd,” Amethyst tells Peridot.

Peridot waves at her. Amethyst leaves the barn. Peridot then sighs happily.

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