Hello Everyone! So I decided to a fan-made episode called Too Short to Ride. 


Plot : Steven takes Peridot to her first carnival ever.


Peridot is watching Camp Pining Hearts.

Steven : Hey Peridot.

Peridot : What do you want?

Steven : The gems and I are going to Funland. We recently got unbanned by Mr Smiley. Wanna come?

Peridot : No thank you.

Steven : Come on, Peridot. It is really really fun.

Peridot : And watching Camp Pining Hearts is really really fun.

Steven : Please! Please!

Peridot : (sighs) Fine.. but.. Tell me what Funland is.

Steven : There are fun rides, video games, and food. Its super duper fun!

Peridot : Hmm... (taps foot) I guess I could go, I mean if it is fun.

Steven : Yay! Its going to be so much fun!

Steven hugs Peridot.

(At Funland)

Peridot : Oh. My. Stars.  Its amazing!

Steven : I know right. 

Garnet : Steven, stay with Peridot and make sure she doesn't get into any trouble. Ok?

Steven : Ok.

Garnet and Pearl go somewhere.

Amethyst : Yo Steven, Yo Peri. I'm going to eat. Wanna come with?

Peridot : I rather not, but thank you for asking.

Amethyst : Ok.

Amethyst  goes to Weiner in Hand. Peridot sees a sign for a new ride called Mount Everest and points to it.

Peridot : What is that?

Steven : I thinks its a new ride. Its named after Mount Everest. Do you wanna go on it?

Peridot : Sure.

Steven : Its very tall.

Peridot : So?

Peridot runs to the line and Steven follows her. 5 minutes later they're at the front of the line. The man letting them go up there pulls out a board.

Man : You must be this height or taller to ride.

Peridot : Why?

Man : This ride is very dangerous.

Peridot : So?

Man : Stand up against this board.

Steven stands up against the board, then Peridot does.

Peridot : This is so stupid.

Man : Sorry but you are too short to ride.

Peridot : WHAT!?

Man : I said you are too short to ride.

Peridot : UGH! This planet is so annoying. 

Steven : Sorry. She has a bit of temper.

Peridot : (growls)

Steven : Calm down, Peridot. I have an idea.

Peridot : And what is that? 

Steven : Follow me.

Steven and Peridot go behind a building. Steven sticks his hand out.

Peridot : (confused) What?

Steven : Lets fuse.

Peridot : What! WHY?

Steven : If we fuse, we can possibly get on that ride.

Peridot : Um.. I.. Fine.

Steven and Peridot dance and fuse into Olivine.

Olivine : Lets do this!

Olivine gets in line .10 minutes later..

Man : Next.

Olivine : Hello.

Man : You must be this tall to ride.

Olivine stands up against the board.

Man : Go up stairs to wait in line.

Olivine goes up the stairs to wait in line and unfuses.

Peridot : Thank you!

10 minutes later. 

Women : Next.

Peridot : Hello.

Woman : Who let you children up here?

Peridot : That man down there.

Woman : He wasn't suppose to.

Peridot : He let us go up here because we are tall.

Woman : Fine! Buckle up tight and hold on.

Peridot and Steven get in the car. Steven buckles up.

Steven : Are you going to buckle up?

Peridot : Why?

Steven : Safety.

Peridot : I'm a gem, I won't die.

Steven : What if you crack your gem.

Peridot : Oh. I guess you make a point.

Peridot buckles up.

Robot : 1..2..3.. Go

The rollercoaster starts up and it goes really fast. Peridot and Steven start screaming.

Peridot : AHH! I'm starting to regret this now!

Steven : (breathing heavily) JUST HOLD ON TIGHT!

Peridot clutches the seat but accidently lets go. Peridot falls out. Amethyst sees her.

Amethyst and Steven : Peridot!!

Peridot : AHHH!

Amethyst takes out her whip and tries to catch her but fails. Peridot lands on a rock. Amethyst finds her there.

Amethyst : Peridot!

Peridot : OW!

Amethyst : Your gem.

Peridot : What?

Amethyst : Its cracked.

Peridot : IT IS!? WHAT DO I DO!?

Steven gets off the ride, dizzy, and runs to Peridot. He licks his hand.

Peridot : What are you doing?

Steven : I wanna heal you.

He puts his hand on Peridot's gem. Nothing happens. The gem sparkles.

Steven : Nothing happened.

The gem heals.

Steven : Shes fixed!

Amethyst and Steven hug her.

Peridot : Lesson Learned. I'm never going on that ride again unless I have my limb enchancers.

Episode Ends.

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