Note : I know this won't probably happen but I chose Lapis and Pearl for today's fanfiction because I feel Pearl and Lapis can relate.


 After making amends with Peridot, Lapis still hasn’t befriended the Crystal Gems. Lapis is sitting on the hill alone quietly. Pearl notices and comes to sit down next to her. Lapis turns around to look at Pearl. “Oh, hi,” Lapis says quietly.

 “Hello Lapis. How are you?” Pearl asks. “Okay, I guess,” Lapis says. “Listen, I know you're still going through a tough time after the whole Malachite incident,” Pearl says trying to apologize. “I know what you’re going to say, It's fine. I’ve been a prisoner for a long time,” Lapis tells Pearl.

 “Oh,” Pearl says quietly. “Just go away,” Lapis tells her. “No. You can’t spend your time shutting people out!” Pearl exclaims. “Why not? For the past over a thousand years I’ve been a prisoner! In the mirror, in the ship, in Malachite!” Lapis yells.

  “I know you have! I can relate, I was trapped as a slave for a decent time of my life!” Pearl tells Lapis. “It was horrible. And what’s worse is that I was teased and taken advantage of. If you keep shutting people out, you're going to feel even more trapped,” Pearl tells Lapis. “I’m sorry you experienced that,” Lapis tells Pearl, looking guilty. “And I’m sorry you experienced those things. No one deserves to be trapped,” Pearl says.

 “You’re right,” Lapis says. Lapis blushes, “Maybe we could be friends?” Lapis asks Pearl. “Sure,” Pearl responds. The two smile at each other.

The end.


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