Hey guys! Another Amedot fanfiction! Yay! Its one of my OTPS! So hope you enjoy! This time it has more of a story to it.


Peridot : Logdate 7162 ; I have this weird feeling in my gut. It is not about when I betrayed Yellow Diamond, it's a different one. I use find my current team members defective clods, but now I’m one. But there is one that I feel different about, Amethyst, ever since the events that happened when I saved her from the drill and etc., I’ve had this weird feeling. I don’t know how to get rid of it.

Peridot ends her logdate as Amethyst comes into the barn.

Amethyst : Hey Peri! What’s up?

Peridot : I.. Ummm.. Nothing!

Amethyst : *chuckles* Okay weirdo, see ya later.

Amethyst walks away as Steven comes in. Peridot is nervously sweating.

Steven : Are you okay?

Peridot : No I’m not! Steven! I’ve had this weird feeling in my stomach and I don’t know what it is and I don’t know how to get rid of it!

Steven : Well.. What feeling it is?

Peridot : I said I don’t know.

Steven : Can you describe it?

Peridot : Well… It's about Amethyst. Its weird. When she laughs, I want to make her laugh even more.  When she is happy, I want to make her more happier. When she is sad, I want to cheer her up. When she is in  danger, I want to save her. It's like I want to be her knight.

Steven : Hmm.. Maybe you have a crush on her.

Peridot : Can you define the word “crush”?

Steven : Well… It's like that you have a  burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special. Is that how you feel about Amethyst?

Peridot : I think.

Steven : You should talk to her.

Peridot : But.. What if she doesn’t feel that way back?

Steven : You should still give it a shot. I believe in you, Peridot.

Peridot : Thank you.

Peridot walks outside the barn and finds Amethyst building the drill.

Peridot : Amethyst, can we talk?

Amethyst : Uh sure.

Peridot : In the barn.

They go in the barn and Steven leaves.

Peridot : Listen, Amethyst, I have this weird feeling inside my stomach, it likes a romantic feeling.

Amethyst : And who is it for?

Peridot : You.

Amethyst : *blushes* You like me?

Peridot : Yes. Your so funny, sweet, and beautiful.

Amethyst : I like you too.

Peridot : You do?

Amethyst : Yes.

Amethyst kisses Peridot on the lips and holds it for a couple seconds. She stops. The two blush.

Peridot : What was that?

Amethyst : A kiss.

Peridot : What’s a kiss?

Amethyst : A sign of romantic feelings.

Peridot : Oh. Um. I. Can we do that again?

Amethyst : Sure.

They kiss, which ends the episode.

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