Its Valentines Day! So I thought I would make a fanfiction about Amethyst and Peri. 


Peridot walks up to Pearl.

Pearl : Oh, Hello Peridot.

Peridot : Hello. I have a question.

Pearl : Hmm?

Peridot : Why do you watch Steven sleep?

Pearl : Um.. I.. Why do you care?

Peridot : Just answer the question.

Pearl : Well.. I watch him because I care about him, I want to protect him, and I love him.

Peridot : Ohhh. Okay! Thank you for telling me.

Pearl : Your welcome.

(Later on)

Amethyst is sleeping and Peridot watches her. Amethyst wakes up.

Amethyst : Huh? Peri?

Peridot : Hi.

Amethyst : Were you watching me sleep?

Peridot : Maybe.

Amethyst : (chuckles) Why?

Peridot : (blushes)  Because.. I care about you. I don't want you to get hurt and I.. I..I like you.

Amethyst : (blushes) Your sweet.

Peridot : (smiles) 

Amethyst kisses her on the cheek and walks off to eat. Peridot blushes even more and happily sighs.


I hope you enjoyed this. 

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