Peridot is working on the computer and Amethyst sees her working on it. Amethyst sneaks up on her. “Yo Peri! What are you working on?” Amethyst asked. Peridot turns around acting annoyed and Amethyst smiles at her.

 “Stuff.” Peridot responds.

Amethyst notices some dirt on her visor. “Yo Peri, you got something on your visor.” Amethyst points out.

Peridot takes her visors off and pulls out a tissue to wipe them. Peridot looks up at Amethyst, who is staring at Peridot without her visors, Peridot blushes. “Why are you looking at me that way?” Peridot asks embarrassed.

Amethyst shakes her head from looking at Peridot. “I-I just never seen you without your visors, before. You’re eyes are blue!” Amethyst pointed out impressed. Peridot looks down at the computer.

“Yeah, so?” Peridot asked. Amethyst lifts Peridot’s face.

“It's just that- you’re beautiful.” Amethyst said staring at Peridot.

Peridot blushed smiling. “Well, I guess.” Peridot said. Peridot lifts Amethyst’s bangs and Amethyst blushes. “To be honest here, I think seeing both of your eyes makes you even more beautiful than you were before, and I think thats a lot.” Peridot said. The two blush even harder gazing at each other then smile in a nervous shy way. The end.

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