Peridot is exploring the barn a little more. Peridot picks up a ball and bounces it. “This earthling toy looks like its rebounding up and down.” Peridot says. “Its called a bouncy ball.” Amethyst says sarcastically spying on Peridot. Peridot turns around embarrassed. “Why are you in here!?” Peridot asks. “I followed you in here. My question is why are you in here?” Amethyst asks jokingly.

 Peridot rolls her eyes. “I’m looking through stuff.” Peridot responds. Peridot bounces the ball super hardly that it goes all over the place then it hits her visors. “Woah. What an accident you caused there! Are you okay?” Amethyst asks. Peridot looks up. “I’m fine.” Peridot says. “Woah. Your visors are cracked.” Amethyst says.

  “Whatever.” Peridot says. Peridot removes her visors to reveal big blue eyes. Amethyst begins to giggle. Peridot looks away blushing in embarrassment. “I look horrible. Don’t I?” Peridot asks. “No, Peridot! It's not that. Do you even remember what I said before?” Amethyst says. “What's that?” Peridot says. Amethyst leans in. “You’re beautiful.” Amethyst says.

 Peridot blushes. “Agh! Umm.. I.. Thank you , Amethyst.” Peridot says. “Don’t thank me. It's the truth.” Amethyst says. Peridot giggles. “I have to admit. If you remember what I said before, then you already probably know you’re beautiful and that I like seeing both eyes.” Peridot says. The two blush even harder and gaze. Amethyst almost kisses Peridot but Steven interrupts.

 “Hey guys! What ya doing?” Steven asks. “Steven!” Both yell in embarrassment. “Woah! Sorry! Did I ruin anything?” Steven asks. The two shake their head no. “Okay. Hey, you found my old bouncy ball!” Steven says. He picks up the ball on the floor and leaves the barn. Amethyst and Peridot look at each other and smile. Then they leave the barn.

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