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  • Bunai Di

    Hello, I wanted to request a PNG artist on the wiki to fulfill my request for a particular palette swap that I can't seem to find anywhere on the internet.

    I really want to see the Pizza sisters (Kiki and Jenny) and their Crystal Gem counter parts (Pearl and Amethyst) with a palette swap using " Beach Party " as the primary.

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  • Bunai Di

    My response to the video.

    Ronaldo Fryman >> Pearl >> Lars >> Lapis Lazuli

    -Ronaldo Fryman is the fandom. Why don't people realize this?! I like the character because he is the most curious of humans. But I can see why people dislike him... through a sense of irony.

    -Pearl has gotten too many "character flaw" passes. And after many of episode, I still get the impression that protecting the Earth and the people on it is a chore to her not a priority. She does it for Rose Quartz, not for herself.

    -Lars choosing to be a bully is why he can be disliked. But the fact that he is insecure gives depths to his character.

    -Lapis Lazuli. . .is just, she's just there. Steven may have forgiven her for nearly drowning him, hurting …

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