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    (IDK if anyone's done this before. I'll be the first.)

    Just a little something for all you users without signatures. If you're to lazy to make one, or just don't know how to, I will be taking up requests to make them for you.

    What's a signature?

    A signature identifies you as the author of a block of text. It should contain an automatic link to your user page, making it easy for others to learn more about you and communicate with you. The date contained in the signature also indicates how current the discussion is and the order in which comments were made.

    On talk pages and old-style forum pages, signing your name helps others to keep track of discussions, and to understand who holds which opinions. This is considered good "Wikiquette".


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  • Democritos

    I have an idea...

    February 10, 2016 by Democritos

    Can we drop a few of the Rose Quartz theories? Not just the pink Diamond ones, but, well, most of the others. Rose + Bismuth = Pink Diamond, Rose = Lion through some crazy logic, etc. Cause really, when you get down to it, most all of these theories are some of the dumbest I've ever heard. Much less likely to be canon. (Most theorists have better chances of making it off of Gravity Falls theories than SU ones.)

    And even worse is when people constantly conflict with theories. Maybe the reason Rose = Pink Diamond theories still exist is because people are constantly flaming it, bringing back the topic. I mean, the hell are you doing? Ian detested the Pink Diamond theory, so all fans should know to drop it. Those who don't will realize it soon…

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  • Democritos

    What I like about SU episode titles is that they usually don't have much significance until the end, but I'll get to that. I was completely off on my predictions to be honest, because I thought it was gonna be a filler, but it wasn't it was actually pretty good! 

    Let's start off with one of the most unbelievable fact; PERIDOT SINGS! Now, when I envisioned her singing before this, I thought her voice would be a bit more grinding, but she's actually great at it! (Sorry Shelby Rabara, the Peridot voice was misleading) 

    Next thing on my list is the Crystals Gems going to the Moon! One thing I really enjoyed about this episode is that we got an insight into the diamonds. Now, before I get into this, the mural shown in Serious Steven that was supp…

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  • Democritos

    This episode, I feel, was a semi-filler. At the very least, it showed how Steven can manipulate his age and recognized Stevonnie as a true ship. 

    Now, the whole point of the plot is Steven's birthday, which I'm pretty sure Peridot doesn't give a care about. Now this episode did have soe background to it, as it showed us that Steven hasn't really "grown up" in the last 4 years! I sort of like it how the Crewniverse decided not to do that whole thing where the main character doesn't stay young forever. I mean, at least they had the decency to have other characters recognize it. 

    I am also surprised since Connie can't believe Steven is 14! Does that mean she thinks she is somehow more mature than Steven? It may seem obvious, because when you th…

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  • Democritos

    Okay, now first off, I'm gonna start with saying, my username DOES NOT lie. After the return of Steven Universe via The Answer , I have been so hyped!!! But if you ask me, I'm pretty excited, and there are quite a few things I need to process from this episode, and the best way I do these things is by writing it out. Anywho, lets talk about this.

    The first thing I would like to get out there is the setting. This takes place on Earth some thousand years ago, and I see Ruby and Sapphire ! Or maybe Rubies and a Sapphire. Basic conformation that a few basic gems such as Sapphire and Pearl were mass produced. Aside from that, are the gems in the show bigger, or is this just exaggeration based on POV? DID I JUST SEE CONNIE?!

    Then Pearl and Rose sho…

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