• Doork

    Important announcement

    June 29, 2017 by Doork

    Hello there everyone. This is a very important announcement for me, and I'm scaried how would everyone react. But oh well. Here goes nothing.

    Today I should be 15. Yes, it's my birthday. But uh.. I actually get 13 now. I actually have been underaged until now. I'm so sorry for lying to you all for 2 years. I feel horrible. I hope you all will forgive me. I feel horrible, but on the other side I'm proud. I have made good edits until now and became rollback. A 12 yrs old kid became rollback. This makes me feel better. I have made older guys feel better, I don't know how, but I did. I actually did beautiful things here.

    This is it. I don't know how everyone would react. I just hope everything will be okay.

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  • Doork


    March 7, 2017 by Doork

    Hello there!
    I'm making this blog to announce that I'll become inactive for an indefinite time.
    I have so many things to do, besides Wiki. i have a thing called life and school
    If you an edit made by me doesn't mean my inactivity stopped. I just got some free time and maybe I wanted to check new things.

    That's all. Thanks for listening and take care.

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  • Doork


    November 5, 2016 by Doork

    hOI evry1 im dOrrk an dis iz a cult about staven universe.

    if u laik staven comment hier with " i luve staveeenn " and a meme

    Meme bers

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  • Doork

    Pro-User Guide

    September 9, 2016 by Doork

    Hello guys,Peridoork here and I want to show you a guide to become a better user.
    With these tips you can even get rollback or better!
    Let's start!

    If here comes a new user,welcome them! Help them,tell 'em the rules,everything! You'll win friendship and trust!

    Respect the rules. Rules here are very strict and if not respected could get in a temporary block or worse ;-;
    May be hard,may seem some rules are dumb,but,if we want a nice community,we need to respect 'em.

    What I mean from this heading?
    I mean,no "funny" things here. No,not memes or jokes,you can do that. I mean vandalism or spam which some users consider it "funny" and "cool". It's not cool. Maybe you'll worth it but this could result in a infinite block,or worse. A global block.

    It's bas…

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  • Doork

    Sapphire Weapon

    March 5, 2016 by Doork

    This is my theory about Sapphire's weapon.She have only the future vision.Why? Well,even in the longer form when Garnet teaches Steven ,Garnet doesn't combine 2 weapons to create a single one.That happens when a fusion summon it's weapon. If Garnet doesn't combine that means,she wouldn't have what to combine.So yes,my theory-Sapphire doesn't have a weapon.

    Wait,what? The fusion don't need everytime to combine their weapons! The theory is wrong!

    No.Garnet simple summon Gauntlets.Not like other Fusions..And well,is my theory.

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