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    Leaving aside everything said about why they affect CN and ultimately the Crewniverse:

    I was lurking around and I stepped into a site with leaks of next episodes. Not providing links btw, not even on PM. Anyway, I only say that I just saw something I wish I hadn't seen. Big time. Yeah, if you are planning to seek'em, they have major spoilers so I don't recommend. You'll suffer until you get to see the whole thing.

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  • Eligio Budde

    Rollbacking 101

    July 15, 2016 by Eligio Budde

    Ahoy! This is Heinsk!

    >"what a trash introducion, m8!"

    Okay ;-; I guess I'll switch it. *clears throat* Hello there! If you're stepping here that means you want to become a Rollback OR you're already one. Good for you! And good for the wiki that attracts people willing to help and serve!

    At this point, there are some basic things before you may be a rollback; among them:

    • Comply with the rollback requierements
    • Basic knowledge of the rollback tools
    • The assignments of a rollback in this wiki

    Throughout this guide you will see information about the points above.

    In a summary, a rollback is an editor that counts with tools to revert vandalism in:

    • Articles
    • Forums and Message Wall posts

    The principal feature of a rollback is that they count with the rollback…

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  • Eligio Budde

    ¡Hola! Primero que nada, diré que esta guía no necesariamente es una traducción literal de la guía original en inglés (solo para molestar a Perla :v). Para empezar, lo primero que podrías notar es que esta guía es, de hecho, enorme, dada la cantidad de información que se requiere saber para categorizar apropiadamente una imagen, cuando esta forma parte de un artículo. Mi recomendación: guardar esta guía entre los marcadores de tu navegador (ya que, seamos honestos, es demasiado para ser aprendido).

    Aún así, si no eres de ese 0.6% de usuarios que sube imagenes a los artículos, puedes leer en la siguiente sección un resumen con lo esencial para aprender a categorizar de manera apropiada cualquier archivo que esté en cualquier parte de la wiki (rec…

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  • Eligio Budde

    I ask a friend for the rickroll link, he sends me the link and It was actually the rickroll link.

    Did I just get rickrolled?

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  • Eligio Budde

    Lapis Lazuli Cult

    January 19, 2016 by Eligio Budde

    1. Love Lapis with all you have.

    2. Mention the cult anywhere in your profile/message wall.

    • Jônatas lemos (co-founder) ✝
    • Heinsk (co-founder)
    • Opal the friendly gem
    • XNeoXx
    • KingQuackster
    • Orange Diamond
    • Steven watcher
    • Leoderponir
    • *TheMagicalWizard*
    • AtomicNoodle
    • Robyn Grayson
    • Navid 1600
    • Skeke
    • Amethystkitten
    • Chocobozz
    • Garnetamethystpearlandrose
    • LapisIzTehBestGem
    • Sophiedp
    • Stevenuniversewiki
    • SunnysRandomFandom
    • Sapphireandruby1
    • LionandLapis
    • 0910ZackPaul
    • Kmes the Awesome JJ
    • Isistiger
    • NanefuaPizza
    • Stormver
    • Oceanhalo12
    • Gemmaniac
    • Regimango
    • Goldensunsheba
    • Youngting71
    • Angry-Little-Slice-of-Pie
    • Skyfight62
    • Dignifiedatlast
    • Gray Pea Shooter (prisoner ;c)
    • Lapis lapras
    • The Admiral Of The Fleet
    • Who cares about my name

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