Steven And Amethyst (Half-Hour Special)

Plot: Steven is looking for his new biscuits when Garnet tries to help Steven, but Garnet heard there was a trouble in the temple, so Steven calls Amethyst to help, then Steven found it on his closet, the closet didn't open when Steven and Amethyst is inside the closet, Steven and Amethyst tried to open it, but doesn't really open, Steven and Amethyst must find another way out, passages, tunnels, underground, and other places in the temple, Pearl tries to look for Steven, will Steven and Amethyst get out.

Stevana (Part 1)

Plot: After Steven found out that there's a mirror that makes you a girl, when a girl, it makes you a boy, Steven tries the mirror, but Pearl told Steven to don't ever do that again, because it turns into a monster, and gets out of the mirror, a monster named Stevana makes trouble in Beach City, will she be stopped?

Note: This has a connection to Pearlo, Pearlo is the Part 2.

The Living City

Plot: A new family moves to Beach City, Steven introduces Jude and Judy, Steven knocked out a chemical to the ground that Garnet made, the chemical made Beach City a living City, the Gems tries to stop it until it comes to other cities or the ocean, while Jude and Judy are being saved by Steven.

The Door of Gems

Plot: Steven finds a Crystal Door that wont open, he is left in the temple, so he tried to open it, how far can Steven open the door?

Steven is the Lion

Plot: Steven tries to open a door that is a very important door, he came inside with the Lion, when they came out, they switched body, they have to find the Gems for help.

The Gem Hunter (Half-Hour Special)

Plot: When Steven pranks Garnet, Garnet turned into a lady that is so powerful that the Gems can't stop it, until it is told to Steven that someone is possesing Garnet's power, the old enemy of Rose Quartz, Carrieta, known as the Gem Hunter, will Carrieta be stopped.

Amethyst and Ice Cream

Plot: Steven tries to buy a new flavored Ice Cream, it came into life, when Amethyst ate it, the Ice Cream take over Amethyst's body, it chases everyone in Beach City, will it be stopped by the other Gems?

Big Roses

Plot:  Steven discovers a new power that controls every Rose, and when it got out of hand, the roses turned into giant roses that can't be stopped growin and growing, until almost the half of Beach City is full of roses, Steven uses his gem to stop it, until a shadow of Rose cames out and stop it, will Rose's shadow stop it?

The Wild North

Plot: Steven and Pearl goes to the Wild North to see something that the Gems made for so many years, it is full of creatures, that are Friendly, but when Steven touches them, they started doing bad stuff, will the creatures be stopped.

Steven Who? (Half-Hour Special)

Plot: Steven waked up in the morning that every Gem fears, where monsters turn into darker monsters, one ate Steven, inside the monster is another Universe where no one even know who Steven is, Steven tries to get out, will he get out?

Cheese Island

Plot: The Gems goes to this island made out of Cheese, since Garnet has a history of food, the other Gems must control her.

Note: They are going to Cheese Island for a vacation after fighting for a long time.

Note 2: When Garnet was younger, not that her is an illusion, she really liked food.

The Market of Bombs

Plot: Pearl goes to this new building in Beach City, a market, that is named T-Boomies, that is only full of bombs, the Gems inspect the market to see if there's a problem or why they have bombs.

Pearlo (Part 2)

Plot: After the happenings of "Stevana", Pearl tries to get rid of the mirror, but when she looks at the mirror, a new monster got out, named Pearlo, he did what Stevana did, but he is more powerful, he made another monsters named Garneto after Garnet then Amethyst to Amethyo, and tried to chase the others, they battled, and the others got Steven and get Stevana out of him again...

The Mirror Monsters (Part 3)

Plot: The Mirror monsters chase the other peoples of Beach City, the others have powers, the Gems tries to make a plan to break the mirror which is in the other side of Beach City which was brought there by the monsters, Pearl and Garnet fuses, and Amethyst and Steven tries to distract them, but the monsters trapped them, it's up to Pearl and Garnet...

Broken Mirror (Part 4)

Plot: Pearl and Garnet chases the monsters and catches them, Pearl and Garnet traps the monsters and free Amethyst and Steven, the monsters wont tell where the mirror is, so they try to find, will they find the mirror and break it?

I Wont Tell

Plot: Amethyst told Steven that when she was a kid, she is great at acting, Steven promises he wont tell, how far can Steven go of not telling anyone?

Hashtag Rush

Plot: Steven makes an account to this website, when they make a new contest named #HashtagRush, whoever makes the maniest hashtags will win a ticket to Jade Dowrey's mansion, an actress, when he is in a battle with Garnet, who will win in two days?

Pearls All Around

Plot: It's raining Pearl all around Beach City after a very strong storm, not Pearl of the Crystal Gems, everyone starts to grab some pearl and became rich, so the Gems must know the reason why except for Pearl which is gonna stay, what is the cause of the raining Pearls?

White Room

Plot: Steven found a big passage to a room that is so white that it always lights up without light, in the second day, Garnet knew about it, that it is closed for a reason that the ones that the Gems collect from their enemies is hidden in that room, why do they keep them there?

Lion Day

Plot: Steven invents a holiday called "Lion Day" for Lion, it is for every year, lion needs to play with his family, but Steven finds out he doesn't have a family, so it's up to the Gems to shapeshift, if they can do it for one whole day.

Bigger Garnet

Plot: Steven and Garnet play fetch with things around the temple, Garnet grows 5 inches after Steven throws this phone that is still playing mysterious songs, the next day, Garnet grows 10 more inches, until the next day, she is taller than the temple, what could happen next?

NS (New Steven)

Plot: Steven stopped being happy all day after the Gems go to Luke's tower, what happened to Steven?

(This is a continuous list...)

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