Hello and welcome to the first post on my new blog Gem Theory.

I know this topic "Garnet's Weapon" is a bit specific, but I'll be doing way more posts.

For a start, it's pretty cool that Garnet's gloves are made of Garnet. I mean, Amethyst had a whip with Amethysts, Pearl had a pearl on her staff, so it makes sense that Garnet has Garnet weapons.

Later I'll be talking about Gem Meanings more, because Steven is the Defensive gem, wanting to protect everyone etc. The weapons also relate to this topic. But what does Garnet's mean?

We don't know much about Garnet's personality. She likes being the leader, (Gem Glow) and she is very serious about nothing stopping the mission (Cat Fingers).

Unlike a lot of theories I came up with, this one is pretty open ended. So comment below. Thx.

In my next post I will be talking about the possibility of evil gems... and I have evidence.

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