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  • GoldenKnight10

    A story from YD

    January 8, 2016 by GoldenKnight10

    Once upon a time...

    There was a Peridot on Earth who called me, she said.

    "Sup, homeboy?"

    Then my neck streched so long, that the walls had too much pressure on them from my neck, then they broke. Then i went to Blue diamond and said,"ABABABABABAPPPPBBBBHHT! ERFERAGHAHGABNIGMADADAOLOLOLPOOP!" Blue diamond said.

    "Yellow diamond... what?"

    Then I said,"Nyah!"

    Blue Diamond, then claaed the Police on me and I turned into a baby. I then ate Blue diamond then White diamond, then i pooped a colorful arm out, and barfed one out, then I blew up, and there it was, the cluster. It said


    The end

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  • GoldenKnight10

    This is Greg...

    Back Greggerger And i'm never Gregging Greg of the Gregs of Greg

    And Every Greg of me is Gregging, Greg Gregger,

    The Greg of us aren't going to Greg your greg, come at greg without any of your Greggy gregs

    Let's go just Greg and greg, let's go just Greg and greg

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