Okay, so as we are speedily heading towards having Transcripts for all available episodes, I feel like such information would be best suited being put on each episode page. That way, anyone looking up that episode, could not only get the general plot, but track down specific quotes as well or confirm something they thought a character said, etc. The ways in which the exact dialogue w/ context can be used, I feel, are boundless. Am I bias here? Well, yeah, I did write the majority of them (not to exclude the tremendous help of people such as AwesomeSteven and Pearl is Awesome), but there is no denying it would be a great tool for not only the casual wiki wonderer, but users as well. (if specific info is needed).

Placement? I was thinking somewhere below the Characters section. Have it just like the "Gallery" section where its just the header, and then a link to it. On the Regular Show wiki, however, they have a pretty niffty template for their Episode Info boxes where a link to their transcripts are linked at the very bottom of it. I checked our template and we don't have one for it, I could ask around though on the RS wiki.

But before all that I was just wondering if anyone else thought this would be a good idea. I don't mind it just being a subcategory in Episodes, but I feel like it gets far less exposure that way than if linked in arguably the most trafficked area of any Wiki (except maybe the Characters pages), the Episodes pages. And the way I'm thinking it, if it's just a subcategory, very few people are even going to realize they exist when in fact, they could be an extremely helpful asset. So yay, nay? Hay? Leave a comment below please, and thank you for your time. :D

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