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  • Madsam033

    peridots lament

    December 12, 2015 by Madsam033

    I have thought of a song for Peridot that she sings to Steven.

    "everybody told me home world's dangerous," "I guess I didn't believe them" "Until now jasper seemed apprehensive," "And now she's freaking out," "What do I do?" "I don't want that for you."

    "everybody tells me humans are precious," "on the planet earth" "and that means you and I have to protect you" "what if somehow you get hurt," "what would I do?" "I don't want that for you."

    "what am I going to tell you?" "you're better off not knowing the trouble we're in." "I don't want you to worry, about what home world's like," "About what it has been" "you don't need to be part of this," "I don't think I want you to be," "you don't need this," "you don't need me."

    Hope you like it.

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  • Madsam033

    amethysts hair

    December 9, 2015 by Madsam033

    has anyone else notice amethyst has been showing both eyes a lot and her hair is a little bit more raggly. also Pearlmethyst vs Amedot, who will become cannon, I swear if its Amedot I will throw my computer out the window.

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  • Madsam033

    crystal god

    November 30, 2015 by Madsam033

    I think gem is another word for god.

    Peridot said in catch and release, "Help me get off this lousy, gem-forsaken planet!" which is another term for god forsaken. This would mean she would be a homeworld god, and the crystal gods, also Steven's half-gem half-human like a demi-god which is half-god half-human, and it is said gods came down to earth to have children.

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  • Madsam033

    Peridot was afraid of thunder and ran out saying "its happening!" and that the cluster doesnt emerge but it hatches. and what happens when the geode cracks, thunder!

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