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  • MorphoTheRainWing


    October 2, 2019 by MorphoTheRainWing


    It is amazing! Spinel’s my favorite character, and I’m so glad the Halloween spookiness is represented by her! I also love the color scheme.

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  • MorphoTheRainWing


    August 8, 2019 by MorphoTheRainWing

    I’m just going to try to pretend the leak of that noodly villain’s name doesn’t exist. Any tips for helping me forget about her name? Don’t worry, I won’t share it. And please don’t actually say it in the comments since it isn’t allowed on the wiki.

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  • MorphoTheRainWing

    This is copied from my post on the fanon wiki and edited slightly.

    So, I have a lot of Steven Universe stuff that I would love to share, and I would love to interact with more Steven Universe fans and artists and writers, but the SU fanon wiki isn't very active. So, does anyone know any active Steven Universe communities that have little to no inappropriate content and are safe and don't have many creepy people or jerks and are good for sharing art and writing and characters?

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  • MorphoTheRainWing

    Ok, so I came up with a theory.

    So, White Diamond can't tell the difference between Steven and Pink Diamond and treats Steven, who has Pink Diamond's gem but doesn't look like her, exactly like Pink Diamond. What if White Diamond is blind, and can just feel gemstones somehow (sorta like the shattering robonoids)? After all, her eyes have white pupils and gray irises, which gives the impression of her possibly being blind.

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  • MorphoTheRainWing


    November 14, 2018 by MorphoTheRainWing

    I wanted to make a blog post about this for some reason...

    When I watched Reunited, I completely cracked up when I saw Blue Diamond's giraffe neck! I couldn't believe how long her neck was. It was hilarious! What did you guys think of that scene?

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