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    Hey Guys, 

    Here is the continuation of "The darkness of Confusion, a poem from the mind of Pearl) That I posted a while back. I know it's been a while, so here is the link to Part 1

    Hope you enjoy!!

    I know my feelings I should hide,

    I try to keep my pain inside,

    And for my team I try to stay

    Calm, smart, strong in the real way.

    But no matter how hard I try,

    Inside my heart, I cry and cry

    As I gaze upon the empty skies,

    Tears of sadness flood my eyes

    I wish for life just like before

    So I could hear your voice once more.

    The truest friend I’d ever known

    Is gone, I feel so alone…


    Gently, like a flowing stream,

    The clouds part, and a moon white beam

    Fills the room with gentle light

    And softly makes the room seem bright.

    And through that soft, white light I se…

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    Here is a little foreward to this fan fiction:

    We had an assignment in school, where we had to write a narrative essay in which we "adopt a character" and write about traveling back in time as that character, to witness a historic event. Well, my teacher never did say that the character had to be human, so this is what I ended up writing!!

    2 little side notes before I begin: 1) Note that when I mention Sapphire, I don't mean half of Garnet. I was writing fast due to the flow of ideas, so for the colleagues, I just picked 2 gem names that popped into my head, and stuck with them. (I might stay with them, or change later on... who knows.. :) ) and 2) This story is told from the point of view of Pink Topaz. If you are interested, confused, or c…

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    I was inspired to write this, by wondering why exactly does Pearl watch Steven sleep? I know and agree that it is probably because of maternal-like love, but I just chose to put it in another perspective :) I hope you all like it! Part 2 comming soon!

    The Darkness of Confusion (From the Mind of Pearl)

    At night, when Steven is asleep,

    Into his room I softly creep.

    Outside, the sky so vast and dark,

    Brings lonely sadness to my heart.

    But how? 

    It seems our life is a success

    Together we gems do our best

    To protect our newfound home, the Earth,

    Its living creatures, all its worth.

    And Steven!

    I love that boy with all my heart!

    And yet, he tears my heart apart!

    Sadly, here's the reason why

    Because of him, Rose had to die.

    Oh Rose!

    Why did you leave me here, alo…

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    Hey everybody! Here is part 3 of "From the eyes of Ruby" ! Keep in mind that this picks off from part 2 where Ruby ran away in the episode, so I actually had to come up with a tiny bit of plot, but I did my best to tie it to the original story. Hope you like it! And thanks for reading! 

    From the Eyes of Ruby (Continued)

    I keep on running through the halls

    Following the mazes of the walls

    But suddenly I stop and hear

    Footsteps, and voices coming near!

    I jump in an old cell to hide

    And listen, quietly, inside.

    It’s Peridot! Trailing behind Jasper

    Who ignores each question that she asks her.

    “But why!” she asks, “I’m begging you

    To let me finish what I do

    With those “Crystal Gems” taken away

    We can resume our plan today!”

    “We’re going back to Homeworld NOW…

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  • Pearl-Princess-Bubblegum

    Hey everybody! Thanks so much for your kind comments on my poem!! Picking up where we left off, here is part 2!  I hope you like it! Part 3 is coming very soon!! 

    From the Eyes of Ruby (continued)

    He stretches his hand out to the field

    His skin deflects it like a shield!

    I dash out, I’m finally free!

    Behind, Steven calls “Wait for me!”

    But I can’t be stopped, I have to find

    Sapphire, the one thing on my mind.

    Steven, catching up to me,

    Asked with curiosity,

    “My name’s Steven! Who are you?”

    “Quiet!!!” (Oh Sapphire, now what do I do?)

    I focus, but I can not see

    No mental image comes to me.

    Oh right, I can’t see the future anymore,

    I’m not the way I was before!

    I follow the sound of Sapphire’s song

    Steven, running, tags along.

    The long hallways twist and bend


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