Here is a little foreward to this fan fiction:

We had an assignment in school, where we had to write a narrative essay in which we "adopt a character" and write about traveling back in time as that character, to witness a historic event. Well, my teacher never did say that the character had to be human, so this is what I ended up writing!!

2 little side notes before I begin: 1) Note that when I mention Sapphire, I don't mean half of Garnet. I was writing fast due to the flow of ideas, so for the colleagues, I just picked 2 gem names that popped into my head, and stuck with them. (I might stay with them, or change later on... who knows.. :) ) and 2) This story is told from the point of view of Pink Topaz. If you are interested, confused, or curious about her, feel free to read a little bit about her under the "Gemsona" tab on my profile

Ok, here we go!! Part 1! Hope you enjoy

From a War to a War

           A blinding flash burns in the sky. All around me I hear the screams, both gems and people crying out in pain as the gems of Homeworld, my own Homeworld, attack with their advanced, unstoppable weapons. The horrid crack of a destabilizer rips in my ears, as I turn to see my colleague and closest friend Sapphire fall to the ground. I run to her with tears flooding my eyes and running down my face like rivers run down the mountains during snowmelt. “Please! Sapphire! Get up! We have to keep fighting! We have to protect the earth.” I offer her my hand to help her up, but Sapphire pushes it away.

 “No, Pink Topaz” she says, with a sad, weak sigh, “I can’t. You have to go on without me. Stay strong, Pink Topaz. Don’t betray earth like our Homeworld did. It’s up to gems like you to ensure Earth’s safety. Don’t give up! Promise me!”

 “I p-promise,” I sob. Sapphire smiles gently at me, then her body poofs into a white cloud and disappears. Only her blue gemstone remains. I pick it up as it clinks gently onto the ground, and I hold it close. “I will keep you safe” I whisper softly to her, wondering if she can hear me.

 I turn back to the battlefield, allowing my eyes to consume all the horror once more. Fires burn the dying grass as smoke slinks around like a dark, poisonous snake. Fallen weapons lie around the field, encompassing a mess of shattered gemstones and limp human bodies. Why? Why do we allow a conflict to become so extreme? Why can’t Homeworld just leave the human race alone? Humans seem so harmless and innocent. I’m sure their lives were so much happier before gems interfered. “I wish I could see those days” I sigh sadly to myself.

“You!” A gruff voice behind me shouts, “It’s you, traitor!”

I turn around quickly, “Jasper!” I shout, summoning my sword from my gem, “You and your kind won’t get away with this!”

“Your kind?” Jasper scoffs, yanking out a gem destabilizer, “You fly away from your Homeworld to some garbage planet, and suddenly you forget your own people?”

 I stand straight and confident with my sword drawn and look Jasper in the eyes, not at all afraid. “I will not tolerate being associated with those who abuse innocent creatures. Your leaders, the diamond authority, want this earth for resources, but you know Jasper, humans live here! The earth is their planet. If you want to hurt them, than you have to get past me, past all of us first.”

“My pleasure” Jasper growls, charging at me, her orange eyes glaring into mine. I don’t stand a chance, but I don’t run, for I won’t betray the earth.

Suddenly the ground opens beneath me, swallowing be into a blackness. I manage to quickly glance up, and see another colleague, Emerald, urging me on. “You will see your wish come true” she said, pointing into the blackness where I was falling. She jumped straight into Jasper’s path, taking the destabilization for me.

            “Emerald!” I cry out, but I can’t do anything to help. I clutch Sapphire’s gem close as I fall farther down. The blackness engulfs me as I lose consciousness.

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