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I've recently finished writing a poem telling the story of the episode of "Jail Break", but from the view point of Ruby, starting at the begining of the episode and ending with when she fuses once more. It's sort of really long, so I only included the first part for now. I really hope you guys like it! But if you have any constructive critisism, I would be happy to hear it. I also can post the rest if you are interested.  Thank you! 

From the Eyes of Ruby

I wake up, but I can’t see

The future anymore! How can this be?

I remember the battle, we fought strong

But why does it feel like things went wrong?

I look down, it’s true, I see

That I’m not Garnet, I’m just me.

Those gems were stronger than we’d known

Is that why I’m trapped here, alone

In a 3-walled cell, so tight and small

With a force field as the final wall.

I clench my fist, growing fiercely mad

When I hear a voice, distant and sad

Singing a sweet and gentle song

Only one to whom it can belong,

Sapphire! Oh what can I do?

I’m stuck here! I can’t get to you!

I hear small footsteps in the hall

I look, beyond the see-through wall

Stands Steven, looking in at me,

With concern and curiosity

He kindly offers to help me

But I can very clearly see

He doesn’t know me anymore

I’m not the way I was before!

I’m not the Garnet he’d once known

I’m just Ruby, here, alone

Yet he wants to help despite the danger!

Despite the fact that I’m a “stranger”

But tired and hopeless, I simply say

“Don’t look at me! Just go away.”

Then it hit me!

Steven was trapped up here too! How did he manage to break though?

“Hey wait a sec, you’re out!” I cry

“The field, how did you get by?”                 

He stretches his hand to the glowing wall,

“Wait stop!” I shout, but he’s not hurt at all

He used no force, like touching air

As if the wall just wasn’t there.

I reach out to do the same,

But my hand is met with horrid pain.

Confused, I shout “What’s going on?”

Then once more I hear the gentle song.

I panic in despair, “Sapphire!

Let me out! I need to find her!”

“Sapphire? Is she a friend to you?

I’m looking for my friends too!

Things may seem bad, but they’ll get better!

We will find our friends, together!”

Part 2 --->