Hey everybody! Here is part 3 of "From the eyes of Ruby" ! Keep in mind that this picks off from part 2 where Ruby ran away in the episode, so I actually had to come up with a tiny bit of plot, but I did my best to tie it to the original story. Hope you like it! And thanks for reading! 

From the Eyes of Ruby (Continued)

I keep on running through the halls

Following the mazes of the walls

But suddenly I stop and hear

Footsteps, and voices coming near!

I jump in an old cell to hide

And listen, quietly, inside.

It’s Peridot! Trailing behind Jasper

Who ignores each question that she asks her.

“But why!” she asks, “I’m begging you

To let me finish what I do

With those “Crystal Gems” taken away

We can resume our plan today!”

“We’re going back to Homeworld NOW!

Yellow Diamond must see what we found!”

Peridot has nothing else to say

I hear the foot steps stomp away,

Though in the distance, I can’t believe

To hear her argue, “We CAN’T leave…”

I stay quiet till things clear

When suddenly I cannot hear

Sapphire’s voice! Where has it gone?

Why can I not hear her song?

With terror gripping at my heart

I could have punched that cell apart.

But then I hear her voice once more

From somewhere different than before!

Sapphire! Did she somehow break free?

She must be trying to find me!

I turn around, run super fast

Until finally! At last!

I reach a room, and there I see

With kind eyes looking right at me,

On the other side there stands Sapphire,

With Steven standing right beside her!

She smiles, relieved, “RUBY!” she cries,

And with tears of joy filling our eyes,

We catch each other in an embrace.

I touch my hand upon her face,

No, I’m not dreaming! She’s truly here!

“Did they hurt you?” I ask with fear.

“No, no, I’m fine, did they hurt you?”

“Who cares?” I cry, she says, “I do.”

We’ve been apart for far too long

During that time, things felt so wrong.

But now we will put things right, just like before

And lonlieness will come no more.

As magically, we whirl and spin

Laughing, at once we begin

To fuse! In front of Steven’s eyes,

Which now sparkle with surprise. 

Our old bodies seem to melt away,

And only pure joy remains.

As we fuse, we know, things will be better

For we are much more strong together.

We are one.

I am one.

I am Garnet.

Thanks for reading!! 

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