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Hey everybody! Thanks so much for your kind comments on my poem!! Picking up where we left off, here is part 2!  I hope you like it! Part 3 is coming very soon!! 

From the Eyes of Ruby (continued)

He stretches his hand out to the field

His skin deflects it like a shield!

I dash out, I’m finally free!

Behind, Steven calls “Wait for me!”

But I can’t be stopped, I have to find

Sapphire, the one thing on my mind.

Steven, catching up to me,

Asked with curiosity,

“My name’s Steven! Who are you?”

“Quiet!!!” (Oh Sapphire, now what do I do?)

I focus, but I can not see

No mental image comes to me.

Oh right, I can’t see the future anymore,

I’m not the way I was before!

I follow the sound of Sapphire’s song

Steven, running, tags along.

The long hallways twist and bend

It seems like they will never end

Things aren’t going very well,

But then we reach another cell

Inside we see something that’s, blue!

A gem! (Sapphire? Is it you?)

But no, it’s Lapis Lazuli

The gem with powers of the sea

Now curled up into a ball

She sadly sits against the wall

And the look upon her face

Reflects the sadness of this place.

But this isn’t what I’m here to do

I sadly sigh, “Oh it’s just you.”

But happiness shines in Steven’s eyes,

“Lapis!” He shouts in surprise.

“Lapis, I can get you out!”

But in reply she strangely shouts:

“Stop! Steven, please do not help me”

“But I won’t get hurt! Your see?”

“Things are already bad enough,

I’ve already messed up too much stuff.

These gems, their much more strong than you,

You don’t know what their gonna do!

What ever you’re trying to do, just don’t.

You think escape will help, it won’t!

Steven, I know that things aren’t right,

But we simply can’t put up a fight!

If we do everything they say

They might treat us a nicer way!”

I feel like time is running out

I must move on, without a doubt.

“I don’t have time for this!” I say,

Then I just turn and run away.

Leaving Steven far behind,

I’ve still got Sapphire to find!

Part 3 --->