Hey Guys, 

Here is the continuation of "The darkness of Confusion, a poem from the mind of Pearl) That I posted a while back. I know it's been a while, so here is the link to Part 1

Hope you enjoy!!

I know my feelings I should hide,

I try to keep my pain inside,

And for my team I try to stay

Calm, smart, strong in the real way.

But no matter how hard I try,

Inside my heart, I cry and cry

As I gaze upon the empty skies,

Tears of sadness flood my eyes

I wish for life just like before

So I could hear your voice once more.

The truest friend I’d ever known

Is gone, I feel so alone…


Gently, like a flowing stream,

The clouds part, and a moon white beam

Fills the room with gentle light

And softly makes the room seem bright.

And through that soft, white light I see

Steven’s peaceful face, no agony

In him, though he had always known:

He too, in ways, was left alone

A gem on earth, without a guide

Without his mother by his side.

But why? How is he so calm?

Suddenly, I understand!

He sees me as his guiding hand!

With Rose quartz gone, it must be me!

It’s my responsibility

To help him grow up brave and strong

And teach him all about the wrong

Doings of the Homeworld gems

So one day… He can protect the earth from them.

Like Rose once did.


Through Steven’s peaceful face, I see

The face of Rose, smiling at me

Telling me that it’s okay

To love him, though she passed away.

I softly sit down by the bed

And stroke him gently on the head

I promise to stay strong, for you

And of course, for Rose Quartz too.

 (Thanks for reading!!!)

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