I was inspired to write this, by wondering why exactly does Pearl watch Steven sleep? I know and agree that it is probably because of maternal-like love, but I just chose to put it in another perspective :) I hope you all like it! Part 2 comming soon!

The Darkness of Confusion (From the Mind of Pearl)

At night, when Steven is asleep,

Into his room I softly creep.

Outside, the sky so vast and dark,

Brings lonely sadness to my heart.

But how? 

It seems our life is a success

Together we gems do our best

To protect our newfound home, the Earth,

Its living creatures, all its worth.

And Steven!

I love that boy with all my heart!

And yet, he tears my heart apart!

Sadly, here's the reason why

Because of him, Rose had to die.

Oh Rose!

Why did you leave me here, alone,

On this strange planet, far from home.

This wasn't how I felt before!

Back then, Earth felt like so much more! 

A place of beauty, a fresh start

For gems who had a change of heart.

A place where we could take a stand

Against the evil in our land

When we rebelled, I felt so strong, 

But now you're gone, things feel so wrong!

Please let me know what you think!! Part 2 coming soon!

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