• Purplecoal

    Broken charger D:

    May 14, 2015 by Purplecoal

    Friends! I haven't been on due to a broken charger, I'm sorry I shall return soon.

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  • Purplecoal

    Story For Steven Gems

    April 12, 2015 by Purplecoal

    Could anyone post the full body designs of the Crystal Gems from the episode "Story For Steven"? I really wqant to draw them but can't find their body designs anywhere

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  • Purplecoal

    {Okay, first of all, user Lapis Lazuli has already made a blog post about this but I thought I'd post about my version of what could happen. I'll update it later :P }

    Peridot's (Mis)Adventures in Canada is a 8-part spinoff series about Peridot.

    {Triangle shape zooms from the middle of the screen outwards before revealing Peridot stuck in snow}

    {In tune of the Li'l Butler Theme }

    A green gem with knowledge and tech

    Crashed down on our snow-hut step, Perido-ot, Perido-ot,

    We cleaned her up off of all the snow,

    And now she is ready to go, Perido-ot, Perido-ot,

    Oh, Perido-ot,

    Oh, you're friend who wants revenge,

    So sit back, and relax

    'Cause we're talking care of you, Perido-ot, Perido-ot, that's you!

    Peridot: You canadaians are too friendly.

    {Audience lau…

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  • Purplecoal

    A sword, shield and bubble

    February 26, 2015 by Purplecoal

    Okay, so I've been thinking about Steven Universe stuff and I remembered Pearl saying about how Steven could summon Rose's buble and shield, so they aren't her weapon that she summons. I think maybe that her sword was her weapon, (pretty much confirmed) and that the shield and bubble were items she stored inside her gem and she could summon them the same way Pearl summoned the mirror in "Mirror Gem . Now that Rose has given up her physical form, I think her sword was placed somewhere else, which left Steven with the shield and bubble... 

    It's just a theory but yeah

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  • Purplecoal

    Okay, so I've heard a few theories/thoughts that weren't based around this but had ideas that helped me come up with this idea. Well, just in case you don't know GAP= Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

    Well, before Rose gave up her physical form GAP had a healthy relationship together, Amethyst and Pearl got along and Garnet was well, Garnet.

    Then, Rose gave up her physical form and Pearl began to panic as Rose was gone and there was now a baby, she became more panicky and less fun, Amethyst tried to make Pearl her old self again and became worry-free hoping it would rub off on Pearl, they started to argue and Garnet was the only one who was normal still and became the leader.

    That's all I really have for now, tell me what you think. :)

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