• RainbowLuigi770

    Hello everyone i am rainbow aka the math master and the only user who do math which lead to away being true

    Now let talk when season 3 will ended and when Season 4 will started

    Let see

    Season 1 ended = March 12, 2015

    Season 2 ended = January 8, 2016

    Hmmm it take 1 year to end a season

    so that mean Season 3 will ended in 2017 but it not right because season 3 will ended after the summer of steven but WAIT there more

    If we do the debut that mean we will get the answer when season 3 will ended

    Season 1 debuted = November 4, 2013

    Season 2 debuted = March 13, 2015

    Ok so Season 2 started after season 1 now time for the math

    12 - 4 = 8

    13 - 8 = 5 

    2015 - 2013 = 2

    2016 - 2015 = 1

    Ok the math is done but first let see what season 3 was debuted 

    Season 3 debuted = …

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  • RainbowLuigi770

    Hello everyone, Do you remeber back when i did the gem and the fusion gem where it will be in a episode

    You guys won't believe this was real that a gem will be at the 17th episode of season 3 and a fusion gem in the 20th episode of season 3 well guess that it will be real (Oh boy you guys will be schocked) 

    Now i am here to talk about the next regen 

    It wont have currpurts gems because they dont count and they regen into as stronger version of it currpurts form aslo we wont get the cluster because it only for real gem regen Now let do this

    Now the first gem that regen was Pearl which was the 16th episode of season 1 Steven the Sword Fighter it would take like 9 episodes to get to see a 2nd gem to regen aka lapis and it was the 26th episode of …

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  • RainbowLuigi770

    I have a good puzzle for you all

    Let start

    There a Pig, Wolf and a human

    they need to go the other side of the river with one boat

    The pig can't go with the wolf

    The Human can't go with the pig

    The wolf can't go with the human

    and the boat need 2 people to go with

    goo luck

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  • RainbowLuigi770

    Hello everyone it me Rainbow again

    Today i am going to do math of the fusions gems of where they will be also there wont be Garnet and the cluster and rainbow quartz

    Let do the same as my last plan of before caused it work

    Last time we learn there will be a new gem in S3 Episode 17 

    Now today is time for FUSION GEMS 

    Let do this but with opal first 

    Opal was in the 12th episode and it would take us 8 episodes to get Sugilite which was the 20trh episode

    Alexandrite was in the 32th episode Fusion Cusine (i know it used to be Fusion crime) 

    Stevonnie was in the 37th episode which is alone together

    Malachite was in the 52th epsidoe Jail Break

    Now the first tree was in season 1 now move into the 2

    Shardonyx was in the the 63th episode Cry for help

    Mega rub…

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  • RainbowLuigi770

    Hello everyone, it me Rainbow!

    Today i will show you when there will be a new MAJOR gem in the show 

    Let start with something simeple

    In the first season we see 3 gems at the first episode (Pearl, Amestyst and Garnet)

    The first homeworld gem we see was LAPIS, and it was the 25th episode Mirror Gem

    it would take us like 11 episodes to see a second homeworld gem aka Peridot the famous clods caller

    Peridot was in Warp tour and it was the 36th eppisode  

    And it would take 12 episodes to see Jasper 

    Jasper was see in the 48th episode The Return 

    You see it take like 11 and 12 episodes to see a new gem but THERE MORE

    You see it would take 26 episodes to see Blue Diamonde

    She was in The Answer aka the 74th episode

    Also the second episode a other diamond woul…

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