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    1. The Head of Household competition will play. Whoever wins that is the "HoH".

    2. The HoH nominates two people for "eviction" (whoever they want out of the game)

    3. The Power of Veto competition will play. Whoever wins this gains the Power of Veto, which means they can save one nominee from being evicted.

    4. Once the PoV is used, all contestants (but the HoH and nominees) vote for who they want evicted.

    5. Repeat until the Final 3, which I will get to later.

    NOTE: Battle of the Block twist is NOT in effect!

    Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Finale
    Green Sapphire


    Alcana Gantoor


    Opal the Friendly Gem


    Head of Household Original Nominees Power of Veto Post-Veto Nominees Intended Target
    Round 1

    Round 2

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    Welcome to Steven Universe Hurt 'N' Heal!

    This is a minigame where I select members of the cast from Steven Universe.

    • Each character starts out with five (5) lives.
    • Every hour, you choose to hurt a character and heal a character. Hurting a character takes a life away and healing a character gives them a life.
    • You can hurt a character and heal a character in the same comment.
      • You can ALSO Hurt one character and hurt another, hurt a character twice, heal a character and heal another, or heal a character twice.
    • If a character reaches zero lives, they are eliminated until the next game.
    • If a character reaches 15 lives, they require 3 hurts in order to lose a life. This mode is called Zen Mode.
    • You vote in THE COMMENTS, nowhere else (and the Chatroom wi…

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    This is my sorta thing on how I categorize item pages by relevance.

    LEVEL 1:

    Gets one (rarely two) episode feature, no impact on plot or anything else whatsoever. Not many items fit inside this category

    Example: G.U.Y.S.

    LEVEL 2:

    Gets one (rarely two) episode feature, has an impact on plot for that episode only

    Example: Chaaaaps

    LEVEL 3:

    Gets one to three episode feature, has a solid effect on the plot for possible future episodes and maybe even the entire series, but that happens rarely

    Example: The Mirror

    LEVEL 4:

    Item gets special attention, used or featured nearly every episode, mentioned or used a lot 

    Example: Warp Pad


    LEVEL 1:

    Character gets one-episode only, and does not have an effect on the plot (as of now, these characters can move…

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    Wiki Wars

    June 25, 2015 by Randomphoenix03

    This is closed, I'm focusing more on my Hurt 'N' Heal now. You can find it in my blogposts.

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    NOTE: This is just a prediction, NOT CANON!

    Rising Tides/Crashing Skies:  (Is a special episode, split into two parts, but not separate episodes) Malachite manages to break free and wreck havoc on Beach City, Malachite is defeated and Jasper's gem is bubbled and locked in Rose's Armory, and Lapis decides to live a normal life in Beach City, and will help the Gems when in need. Ronaldo then questions if the Crystal Gems are safe for Beach City, due to the amount of damage the city has taken from battles. Steven pleads to Dewey to let the Gems stay. Dewey lets the Gems stay, as long as they cause minimal damage.

    PART TWO: New Gems Onyx and Aquamarine (Sapphire's twin) invade Earth as they find out Peridot has spied on the Gems and found out Jas…

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