Have you ever wondered what a certain's gem's weapon might be? Well, you have come to the right place. Have you noticed that fusion weapons contain the fuser's weapons? For example, Opal has a bow, which the string part is Amethyst's whips, and Pearl's staff is the handle. Again, with Sugilite's flail, it is Amethyst's whips connected to Garnet's gauntlets. With this logic, we should be able to find the weapon of most gems. So, leave comments down below for suggestions!

Main Gems

Steven/Rose- Shield

Garnet- Gauntlets

(Ruby)- ???

(Sapphire)- ???

Amethyst- Whip(s)

Pearl- Staff


Jasper- Crash Helmet

Lapis Lazuli- ??? (Water Wings?)

Fusion Gems

Sugilite- Flail

Opal- Bow

Alexandrite- ???

Malachite- ???

Stevonnie- ???

Other gems that are going to take a while to figure out

Peridot- ???

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