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I have seen many users not have a clue why their name pops up, weirdly, so today I will teach you, <insert name here>, some simple coding and how it works.

So when you edit or comment you can do source (source coding) which allows you to code. So things like bold text, italics, etc become in code form. Also you can do other cool things.

Like you can put {{Username}} to say " <insert name here> ".
If you are wondering how I did that without it being code, I put <nowiki> (code here) </nowiki> .
You can also do things like put quotes, etc. Those are templates. A template like would be like this: Template:Quote which tells you how to use it.
And one thing you may need to know is how to use Template:Support and Template:Oppose. Basically, you put {{Support}} or {{Oppose}} (Symbol support vote.svg Support/Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose)

Also, in chat you can say "[c pink] Pink text will be here [/c]" (replace with whatever color) and it will be pink text. Aswell as bold, [b] Bold text [/b], italics, etc. It only works in chat.
I hope thos cleared your confusion.