Sammyrashid15 Sammyrashid15 3 October 2015

The Wierd Mooner Eclicpse From Last Weekened

Hey, everyone! Last weekend, I quickly took a pic on something that looked weird. Based on Ronaldo's blog, "Keep Beach City Weird". Last weekend was a *Lunar Eclipse*. I tried to take one pic from my phone, of that red moon. But, yeah I know! It's all blurry lookin and too far lookin! But I added a red circle for all of us to know what that is, in the dark sky. This even looks like to me, that the Homeworld Gems send over another Red Eye! Hehehe!

And sorry I didn't post this last weekend though. I was too busy on something last weekend. Like homeworks and some chores, I been doing. Well, here it is, now! (-:


"Please put your comments below my blog post, thank you".

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Sammyrashid15 Sammyrashid15 15 September 2015

I've got Steven's shirt!

*Hey, you guys! I have ordered the shirt of Steven's. It appeared to my house, when I came back home from my vacation! It was back in September 5th. Sorry, I didn't posted this in here early. I've been kinda busy on many stuffs, in the few past weeks. But, I'm now showing this to ya all! I've ordered this shirt at "". And for now on, I can wear this new favorite shirt of mine, every Thursdays!*

Please post your comments below. Thank you.

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Sammyrashid15 Sammyrashid15 9 May 2015

107 facts about Steven Universe

Hey, guys! It's Sammy. And I just found facts about our most favorite show; Steven Universe. So, look at this, ya'll!

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Sammyrashid15 Sammyrashid15 3 April 2015

I'm going to Hollywood

Hey, you guys. I got some News about me. I going to Hollywood, this spring break. Which is that, I'm starting to go tomorrow morning. And I'm coming back home next Saturday. And I don't even know if I can see you guys here, in the next whole week, while I'm travling all the way to Hollywood (about 36 hours to get there), and while I'm at Hollywood. I even got a bad feeling if I might miss the new episode of Steven Universe, next Thursday. I hope me and my whole family finds a perfect hotel in Hollywood, for us to be in for a while (all day). And I hope the hotel has the Cartoon Network channel so I can totally watch the new episode of Steven Universe, "Story for Steven".

Well....... see you guys!

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Sammyrashid15 Sammyrashid15 1 January 2015

Happy new year! ":-D"

Happy new year,my friends! :-D

And for Steven Universe! And hope this new year will be awesome,and for all of us to see the new episodes of Steven Universe! In this year right now,2015!!! C-:

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