Hey,guys! It's me again;Sammy.And I wanted to talk to you guys,about "Gem Monsters".

Lets recap all the Gem Monsters,in total and in order.

All right,lets see...There is..."The Centipeetle Mother","Worm Monster","Gem Cave Creature","Giant Pufferfish", "Ice Monster" and the "Invisible Gem Monster".

But I think that theres one thing missing; which it also counts as one of the Gem Monsters.

Ermember watching the episode "Secret Team"? Those colorful gem shards that were bubbled in,by Rose Quartz,before...And when the bubble got poped by Amethyst and Pearl,those shards had turned into giant hideous arms and foots;which they also got escaped.I think those were called the "Gem Fragments".And I also think that they do count as one of the Gem Monsters,all right.

Heres also a picture I found,from the gallery page.Here look:[http://]

So,any of you guys.Plaese make another page about this,for me.And this must go with the Gem Monsters(those "Gem Fragments").

"Thank you!" (-:

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