FANDOM've decided to join the wiki! Yay, we're happy to have you ^w^ But a problem that I notice is that when new users join, they don't seem to be able to do the things that we as regular users consider, easy.

So I'm making this blog so the users who are new to the wiki can see what to do, and get educated on how to do it easily ^w^

Adding an Avatar

Membership for 5+ days

So you want to add a custom avatar like many of the other users on the wiki? Here's what you do. If you have been on the wiki for MORE THAN 5 DAYS, you can follow these instructions below:

  • (if you haven't been here for 5 days, don't worry, we'll get to that next)
  • Double click here
  • This should come up; don't worry, just click on your photo again
  • Now you're at your profile
  • Hovering your mouse over your current photo should bring up the "EDIT AVATAR" option
  • An option to add DEFAULT avatars should come up (person, star cookie, puppy, etc)
  • Here is where you upload a CUSTOM avatar
  • Then choose the photo you want. For example, I want the Lion photo. So double click it
  • Click save and quit if you're happy. If you're not, click "Upload an Avatar" and start again!
  • Ta-Da!

Membership for 5- days

If you've just joined the wiki, and you want an avatar NOW and you CANNOT POSSIBLY wait five days, there is another way. Below is the link to Community Central. Click the link, then follow the slideshow above as you would on here. Once you've pressed SAVE AND QUIT, make your way back here and you should be good to go!

Click here!

Editing on the wiki

Now, you've got set up, and you want to start getting involved with the community! You can see there's lots of places to get involved on the main wiki, and I'm going to show you a few ways to do that!


So, first off, here are the places you can get involved!


1) Wiki Activity. It's where you can see the activity of the wiki and who is editing and saying things. It's an easy way to get involved and to find threads to comment on, so I suggest you look there!

2) Random Page. This button can take you to a random page on the wiki, and you can see the many pages that this wiki has to offer. Read through them and you might see a spelling or grammatical error to fix so that's a win-win situation! XD

3) Chat. We'll come to that later on.

4) Forum. The forums are where the real community interaction happens. You can roleplay, vote to change the current templates of characters, or even submit your own topics for discussion! There is also an ask the staff board, so you can get involved with the staff and ask them any other questions!

5) The final place is the COMMUNITY tab, where you can see all the staff members of the wiki, and the recent blog posts that people are posting, like this one ^w^


Also another way to get involved with the community is to come into the chatroom, with entrances here:


You can also find a list of the chat moderators here [1]

We watch over the chat and stop spammers and trolls where we can. Because we have the ability to kick and ban the users who are disrupting the chat. Usually there'll be at least one of us on at any one time, so you don't need to worry. Also, this lovely Buro is on chat a lot too, and she can also kick and ban.


Now, I have realised that a lot of users are confused over what classifies as "spam" and what breaking the rules actually look like. So here is a willing actor to show you what spam looks like:

Both will result in kicks from the chatroom. However, the more serious offences such as insulting users and staff members, or doing anything racially offensive, can result in a ban from the chatroom. These bans vary by offence, and if the offence is so bad, you could get infinitely banned, so be careful!

Otherwise, feel free to have fun in the chatroom, as long as you follow the rules layed down in more detail here:


Private Messaging

Private Messaging, or PM, is a nifty part of the chatroom where you can have a conversation without the rest of the chatroom seeing. Its really good if you want to talk to a specific user, and it can often be indicated by a simple message as such:


Then there will be a small dialogue box that pops up here:


Click on it and you will see the message the user has sent you.


1) The name of the user you're having a conversation with, so you can keep track.

2) Click on the Steven Universe logo to take you back to the main chat.

3) This number indicates how many messages you are missing while in the PM window.


You may also see a little option at the top of the screen that says "OPTIONS". These options can be used for activating Chathacks, which can enhance your chat experience.


Clicking the options tag opens this window:


I won't go into detail with the Colour Changes option.....but if you want you can experiment with it yourself.

What I'm going to be explaining is how to set up and use the functions of the boxes that are checked.

First off, we have "Enable Chathacks" which are essentially cool bits of coding that allow extra little perks when in chat.

  • What we have when enabling chathacks are:
    • Ping Phrases
    • The AFK button
    • A clear chat shortcut

As shown here:

Adding Pings

Adding pings seems easy enough when you know how to activate them. Follow the slideshow below to add pings:

  • Click here to get the drop down menu option
  • To see your current pings
  • So when someone says something on that list it will go red and play a 'ding' noise

Tab Complete

Tab complete is pretty much what it says on the tin. If I want to type a username but it's too long, e.g. "OtisElevatorGuy1" , I enable tab complete so I can do this:


So that's a helpful little thing there.


Is again what it says on the tin; you can PM multiple people at once for a roleplay or something. Although at the moment it doesn't really work as well as it could, when you click the PM button at the bottom on the screen, the instructions are pretty self explanatory.

Aaaand...that's about it! You should be good to go after this....I hope you find it useful and please leave some feedback in the comments!

EDIT: please check out Rosie's blog has a load of useful things you can use in the chat! ^w^ Click Here!

EDIT AGAIN: I will keep adding to this if needed, so feel free to check back once in a while!

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