aka Shonda

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on December 11
  • I am Nonbinary (He/Her/Them)
  • Sharayna


    November 13, 2016 by Sharayna


    I recently got a drawing tablet but i'm not very good, so I thought what a better way to learn than to practice drawing random stuff.

    Comment something and I might possibly draw it some time ever in the next year or so. Maybe. Don't expect it to be great It'd probably be sketchy or w/e.

    Ok thanks.

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  • Sharayna

    A blog about me Crying

    December 5, 2015 by Sharayna

    First things first I'm the realest

    Second; my computer is getting upgraded (yay) but that means I can't do the skype (nay) so idk what I'm gonna do who will provide memes now?

    Third: The other computer I'm using now has window's 10 save me

    Despite not being on chat I'm still gonna be on the wiki so I'm only half deathed and I'll try to edit more send me message wall posts

    Fun facts:

    • Most of my blogs have been about me crying or screaming
    • My last blog was in august h e l p
    • My upgraded computer will have 7gigs of ram compared to 3
    • I was 99 days into the 100 edit badge but I dropped it because I didn't feel like it
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  • Sharayna

    Voting Thread Guidelines

    August 24, 2015 by Sharayna

    All voting board threads must:

    • Comply to Steven Universe Wiki:Regulations
    • Be a proposal to change something wiki related.
    • Have approval from an administrator to have a change be made.

    The minimum time for a voting thread to run is 10 days but the thread may be approved early if it is winning by 10 votes.

    Some subjects may need to be closed and taken into staff-only voting.

    Template image voting threads require a 30 day waiting period after the last change before being voted on again.

    Non-poll threads.

    Non-poll threads are favored over poll threads as we have voting templates

    • General information about the subject and/or why it's being created.
    • Your own standing on the vote. (whether you support or oppose the voting)
    • What the users will be voting for whe…

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  • Sharayna

    21/Aug/15 Tried to change the theme and instead I broke the entire wiki, Lil saved us with the power of the nose : ^ ) and Andrey's coding

    22/Aug/15 whoops

    24/Aug/15 User:Vogel100 swapped the day/night chat themes in one try while I took over 15 and never got it. Praise him \o/

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  • Sharayna

    The Current Forum Policy

    • No commenting on forums that are two weeks old or older.
    • When using the forums, be sure to use them reasonably and responsibly.
    • If you abuse the forums (Ex: Asking questions that are completely ridiculous and pointless), you may be punsihed.
    • No advertising other websites/wikis.
    • It's okay to ask questions as long as its on the right forum board.
    • Joke threads are alright, as long as its clear that it is a joke.
    • When posting on a thread, don't troll/spam in the replies, also don't create threads where your only purpose is to troll.
    • A thread may involve fanon material as long as it complies with our Fanon Policy.

    My Revised Forum Policy

    All rules listed on the Rules and Regulations also apply to the forums.

    • Do not comment on thre…

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