The Current Forum Policy

  • No commenting on forums that are two weeks old or older.
  • When using the forums, be sure to use them reasonably and responsibly.
  • If you abuse the forums (Ex: Asking questions that are completely ridiculous and pointless), you may be punsihed.
  • No advertising other websites/wikis.
  • It's okay to ask questions as long as its on the right forum board.
  • Joke threads are alright, as long as its clear that it is a joke.
  • When posting on a thread, don't troll/spam in the replies, also don't create threads where your only purpose is to troll.
  • A thread may involve fanon material as long as it complies with our Fanon Policy.

My Revised Forum Policy

All rules listed on the Rules and Regulations also apply to the forums.

  • Do not comment on threads that have not been commented on for over 14 days or have over 700 replies.
    • Episode discussions are allowed to extend over 700 replies.
  • Observe civil behavior: respect other members, don't: use insults, troll, spam, or use strong language.
    • No forms of discrimination, sexism, or religious intolerance shall be accepted.
    • Do not create a thread for the purpose of offending or trolling.
    • It's alright to create a joke thread but make sure it doesn't get out of hand.
  • The topic for discussion must be clearly defined in the page title, and the page must contain additional information to set the discussion on track.
  • Do not advertise to non-affiliated wikis (other than Community Central) or commercial websites with the intent for someone to view your product.
    • Linking to Steven Universe related material or a post on your Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr account is allowed if it is safe for work and without the intent of people purchasing or signing-up for a program, group, activity or event.
  • Please create your threads in the appropriate forum boards and make sure that there is not already an active discussion about the topic.
  • All comments must be relevant to the associated topic. Comments deemed irrelevant are subject to deletion.
  • Keep your replies of a reasonable length.
    • Do not over-quote. Only display the quote(s) of the user(s) you are replying to.
      • Keep a maximum of 2 user quotes per reply.
  • A thread may involve role-play or fictional material, so long it's submitted to the Fun and Games board and does not violate Fanon Policy.

Please leave me your suggestions!

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