• Sir-Mr-Programmer

    So I doing this as a laugh so do not get to mad now :). So let review what is a sneople.

    "Snake People, or “sneople”, control our government at the highest levels! Look! *shows Steven a dollar* The snake represents their hold on our country. The diamond represents their underground mines, or their sharp teeth... the details aren’t important. They pit us mammals against each other with elections, sports, and anime message boards. We spend so much time fighting over “dubs” or “subs” that we miss the big picture! "

    "That the world is under their control." So this is the line I look at here That the world is under their control because Ronaldo is a mad man I only take the small part hear what is the mean of a sneople.

    So I was review all the char…

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  • Sir-Mr-Programmer

    I have lots of theory for steven universe but I do not want to over load the forum so going put them in a blog.

    So I start a new blog to fix some of the problem that the old blog made.

    The old blog would be delete in late date.

    So I has bad spell but I can hide it from everyone by talk.

    You all has a friend that might be a bad spell but do not know what to say.So lets say Steven is a bad spell.So Connie never seen Steven write before or us too.

    But Steven love created story but we do not see him write it down.

    Steven do not use Facebook he love talk not type.But if you a good friend going have to ask the questions.Because I not going tell it I like my game of hide it.

    I Been a Programmer is great I can talk to people by created software it give l…

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