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    Dfferences between Steven Universe:

    Connie, Greg, Lars, Sadie, Jasper, Peridot, Lapis and Bismuth appear a whole lot more often.

    Steven is a lot more stronger

    The Diamonds are not the main antagonists. Blue Pearl and Jack and Onyx (2 Gemsonas) are.

    0:01 Fall of Homeworld - Steven and the Gems team up with a new ally to take out the Gem Homeworld.

    1:01 Kidnapped - The Gems search for Steven, after he was kidnapped.

    1:02 Boardwalk Troubles - Steven attempts to repair all the damages he has done to the Boardwalk.

    1:03 Crystal Heart Mysteries - The Crystal Heart goes missing and The Gems try to find it.

    1:04 Steven vs The Cool Kids - The Cool Kids challenge all the Kids in Beach City to a Paintball match.

    1:05 Donut Worry - Steven must try to ease Sadi…

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    This was confirmed back in The Answer when Garnet said: "And there they were: Rose Quartz, the leader of the rebellion, and her terrifying renegade Pearl."

    Pearl Served Rose, Who Served Pink Diamond which was confirmed in Back to the Moon when Eyeball said: "Were being created from its rich minerals with great success. Then -- bam! One of Pink Diamond's very own Quartz soldiers started a rebellion and took it too far"

    Pearl Served Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz. Theory Confirmed.

    This was shown before it was Confirmed in Ocean Gem, as we could see Centipeedle, Ice Monster and the Glow Worm's Gemstones, as well as Centipeedle reforming, which was shown before in the episode "Sworn to the Sword" When Pearl Regenerated.

    We were just too blind, Like R…

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    "Steven Universe: Fall of Homeworld" is the first feature film of Steven Universe.

    Steven and the Gems team up with a new ally to take out the Gem Homeworld.

    The movie begins with Jack running away from the Crystal Gems, as flashes show their previous encounters. Jack summons his Battleaxe (His fusion weapon of a Bo-Staff and a Hatchet) and clashes with Pearl, Jack insults Rose Quartz as Pearl swings her spear at him, Jack ducks and kicks Pearl, making her fall to the ground. Amethyst summons her whip and tries to tie up Jack, who cuts the whip and throws a gem shard at Amethyst, with enough force to bring her to her knees. Garnet and Stevonnie come rushing in from different sides, Jack dodges a Punch from garnet, however, is knocked out by …

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    Hello, This is my Top 10 Steven Universe Episodes List. Enjoy =D

    "Ow." - Peridot

    This Episode was quite enjoyable, Peridot finding out about her Ferrokinesis was quite cool and revealed that Homeworld was slowly dying in resources. It is also the 2nd Shape-Shifting episode.

    My highlight of this episode was when Steven and Amethyst tried to stretch Peridot's form to see if she could change sizes and her casual "ow" killed me.

    This is Ranked #10 because it is overall a funny episode, Peridot character development and showcases Peridot's ferrokinesis ability.

    "Guys... I just had the best idea for an album cover." - Greg

    These two episodes were the first two-part episodes in the series, It revealed the Gem Homeworld's existence and that the Corrupte…

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    Ok, so my favourite show of all time as well as Steven Universe is The Psycho Series by McJuggerNuggets on Youtube. And the Characters seem to fit in with eachother quite well when doing Role Reversals.

    If you do not know about the Psycho Series, it is a 684 episode long series based on reality in the form of "vlogging," and it managed to convince millions of kids into thinking it was real. The story is a kid named Jesse Ridgway, who is 23 years old and lives with his parents and his 27 year old brother, Jeffrey. His Dad, who is the main antagonist, doesn't think YouTube is a job, which is the main conflict in the series. And when he gets mad, he destroys various things, Jesse has a Bipolar disorder and in the past has dealt with mental iss…

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