Hello guys! Staurolite here and today I will explain to you why only a FUSION or a DIAMOND could shatter Pink Diamond.


We all know that in order to shatter a diamond a simple gem must be really powerfull by it's self. We all know Amethyst's, Quartzes and Jasper's are the most powerfull kind of gems. We also know that our Jasper is the most powerfull from all of the ones mentioned before. As Peridot sayed she is the perfect warrior gem. BUT, Jasper is not that powerfull, why? Because she was not able to POOF Smokey Quartz by her self, and Smokey is about her size and not even close so powerfull as a Diamond. 

So only a Diamond or a fusion could shatter Pink Diamond, but since is needed some authority to cover it up as Blue Zircon sayed, so I'll say it were Yellow or White Diamond, much likely White Diamond.

White diamond gif

Well guys, let me know what do you think in comments down below ^-^ .

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