This is based on a what could happen in a Christmas special

Intro Steven:(yawns) gets out of bed "What is the date today" looks at calendar and reads it "December the... 24! It's Christmas Eve!" (Steven has gotten dressed) "Garnet Pearl Amethyst Peridot it's Christmas Eve!

To be continued

Runs to the magic door and tries to get the gems out. Pearl: Comes out door with the other gems and peridot comes out"What is it Steven? Did you lose one of your toys again."

Steven: "They are G.U.Y.S not toys and no I haven't lost one it's Christmas Eve."

Peal: "what is Christmas. Don't tell me it's the chocolate shell giving rodent again."

Amethyst: "Yes chocolate chocolate chocolate"

Steven: "No Christmas is where Santa goes down your chimney and puts presents under a tree that you put up."

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