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Superluigi6 Superluigi6 15 April 2015


In case anybody cared, I will be out for vacation from Saturday to Tuesday. Peridot and Killer will make excellent bureaucrats and AwesomeSteven, Tuckyd, and Yolka will make perfect admins will I'm gone. Please redirect your questions and sights of vandalism to them ^-^

There is also a slight chance I might visit the Wiki during my vacation on my mobile device but thats unlikely.

(my birthday is also on Sunday so I'll be out for that)

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Superluigi6 Superluigi6 29 January 2015

Wikia Update: Updates to the Global Navigation!

After the much hated Global Navigation was released, Wikia is finally adding updates that will be added very soon!

Read their plans here. Comment there for feedback and suggestions, but you can talk here (but know that Wikia won't read comments here obviously). But below is a summary for what they're planning:

  • The overall height of the nav will be shrunk by about 17%
  • As users scroll down the page the white Wikia theme will turn transparent thus “inheriting” most of the look and feel of the local community
  • Notifications will once again be separate from the user menu
  • The local / global search toggle will be tweaked to make the search call to action more clear and provide more space for notifications
  • Various visual design changes will be made to th…

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Superluigi6 Superluigi6 23 January 2015

Tip: Upload Multiple Images Quickly.

Uploading multiple images here is very difficult. There is no easy solution, other than Special:MultipleUpload but even that does barely nothing. But here is a way to upload multiple images faster than that.

The instructions may look complicated but it actually isn't. 

Step 1: Go to here.

Step 2: Edit the page, or click "Create".

Step 3: Copy and paste the following code into the box.

Step 4: Publish the page.

Now you are done! To upload images using this technique...

Step 1: Go to here.

Step 2: Click on "Choose Files".

Step 3: While holding either Ctrl or Shift on your keyboard, select the images that you want. Select all of them. Once done, just click "Open".

Step 4: Click "Update the Form"

Step 5: Now you can add file summaries, licenses, and even c…

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Superluigi6 Superluigi6 25 December 2014

Pages we need/need to be updated

First of all, merry Christmas!

Below is a list of pages that the Wiki needs, as well as another list of pages that need to be updated. Comment below what else we need, and if you can please make the page and/or update it!

Page this Wiki needs:

  • Pages for each issue of the Steven Universe comic series.
  • Pages for each piece of merchandise on the Cartoon Network Shop
  • Page for the website as seen on  (see pic)
  • COMPLETED -  (not Funland Arcade) (see pic)
  • Sadie's mom from Lion 3
  • Beverage called "Drink Up" from Lion 3
  • Sadie's mom's lunches from Lion 3

Pages this Wiki needs updated:

  • Garnet's Universe/Gallery to be updated in chronological order
  • Gallery pages to include credits for model sheets
  • COMPLETED - Funland Arcade
  • Watermelon Steven/Gallery …

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Superluigi6 Superluigi6 18 December 2014

Wikia Update: New Proposed Articles

Wikia unveiled a brand new style for articles that will begin to roll out to Wikis in 2015. Read about it here with all the new features , but long story short the new articles have better involvement with advertising, a new left side control bar as you scroll, bigger text size, 

So here is a test of the new article proposal in action . Report any bugs/suggestions to the first link I showed you. But if you want to tell us what you think of it, you can tell us in the comments below or in the comments of the first link.

And, update for the new global navgation bar - Wikia stated how changes, tests, and more information will be shared after the holidays.

The Steven Universe Wiki is not taking part into the new articles changes. This blog post wa…

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