Welcome to a Steven Universe Community Activity Blog!

This is how the Avatar Switch works: If you, in the comments, volunteer, your name will go on this list

Then once we have a sufficient number of volunteers I will randomly assign you a person who will choose an avatar for you and someone who you get to choose for, you must wear that avatar for 24 hours or else.... I'm not sure or else, but it is a community thing. It is fun, give it a shot


The Random List Once Generated

You will provide an avatar for the person below you. Please keep all the photos you provide PG. Opal4Life will be giving one to Andrey Andrey.

Also, don't be afraid to give your fellow wikian an embarrassing avatar.

After Assignments are Done

Please leave a message on your person's MESSAGE WALL (not the comments) with a link to the photo you wish to be their avatar. DO NOT UPLOAD THE PHOTO ON TO THE WIKI. Instead, use an image hosting site like imgur.com to upload the photo you want your Victim Fellow Participant to wear. One you have received your avatar assignment, COMMENT ON THIS BLOG saying that you are starting your 24 time period of wearing your new avatar.


Comment your name below if you want to participate in a fun Steven Universe Community Activity (sorta like not-so-secret Santa).

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