We are right in the middle of the Second StevenBomb, and in the heat of all the action, I have one question to ask- are you getting hungry? Invite a few of your friends over and get ready for the StevenBomb feels while making this menu inspired by the show. Click on any of the photos or headers to get a real life recipe inspired by the fantasy food from Steven Universe. From Cookie Cats to Colonel Kernel's we have you covered. Enjoy!

Steven and Connie drank some delicious Durian Juice in An Indirect Kiss and it ended up healing Connie’s eyes. Make yourself some Durian Juice and your feels might get magically healed too!


For our side dish we have a delicious can of Colonel Kernel’s Classic Creamed Corn soup. Steven ate four cans of creamed corn to get mini-golf coupons in the episode Rose's Room, what are you willing to eat to get what you want?


If you’re having a Steven Universe viewing party with your friends, Together Breakfast is the perfect choice of food. Enjoy Together Breakfast together at any time of day. Just remember, Steven would want you to eat it together.


The first food Steven ever ate in Steven Universe can be the best food you ever make from Steven Universe! We found a great Cookie Cat recipe! Check it out!

Cookie Cat

Cookie Cat Color Key 2

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Do you have any tasty Steven Universe themed food or drink recipe ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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