Hello! Lately, I have been checking my favorite wikis and of course, this one is no exception. It's been quite a while since the last time I'd been here. Quarantine is producing a plethora of opportunities and events, categorized by the choice to either look back or seek forward. So how are you?

I just want to add that I haven't watched Steven Universe Future. Not even the movie. The past year had been filled by school work so I wasn't really able to catch up. Nevertheless, I am aware of Spinel and major events in the series, but I still want to watch it. I guess another reason why I wasn't able to catch up was my dissatisfaction with the pacing of the show. It all appeared to be very fast, and consequently, it felt unnatural. I would have preferred two-part episodes rather than an 11-minute episode being coerced with detailed lore, which is expectedly difficult (otherwise, it won't really appear great, so I figure Steven Universe's episode timeframe was inescapable).

Anyway, I just wanted to greet everyone here again! I've only realized that there are little worlds here in the forums and wikis that I wasn't aware of before, and it's fun to communicate with other people especially in times like this so I was glad when I found out. That's all! Please answer my question! (How are you?)

Stay safe!

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