No monster has touched the hearts of any fanbase like the Centipeetle. She was cute, spat acid, and sacrificed her physical form to save her friend. And after learning that all the gems , many fans have theorized what the gem monsters could bem, including a majority of the fan-base guessing Malachite and having it thrown into our faces at the end of season two. However I myself have a theory, BUT FIRST have a look at these three gems(figurative and literal, except for Japser she stinks).

Jasper Finish

Amethyst model

Centipeetle Mother Big PNG

See any similarities? All three have whitish messy hair, and what type of gems are Jasper and Amethyst? QUARTZ! So I think its safe to assume that our beloved Centipeetle is in fact- A GREEN QUARTZ GEM(possibly prasiolite, possibly a type of chalcedony). I find the possibility of prasiolite interesing, as prasiolite don't naturally occur in nature and super heated amethysts, which might be the reason for her coruption in the first place after incubation! Of cousre prasiolite aren't as smooth as the Centipeetle's gem, so its more likely a form of chalcedony.

Now I KNOW what your thinking, what about Rose Quartz ? 

Rose full body

Her hair's not white, and this pic from her younger days was just one rare instance of it being messy. WELL- there are quite a few possible explanations. ONE: White hair is specific to gems made in kindergartens. TWO: Its merely big hair that is the common trait. THREE: Its all a coincidence and I'm looking to into it because I don't have a life. But my personal favorite, FOUR: Rose Quartz ISN'T A ROSE QUARTZ! Yeah you all know this theory, that instead of a Rose Quartz she is actually a Pink Star Diamond! I honestly hope for that, because it would make a great twist.

Well *CLAP* hope you liked my theory, and may you have a pleasant time period.

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