Template:Vidalia "Vidalia" is a minor character who made her debut in "Story for Steven".


Vidalia has knee-length light blonde hair that seems to spike around her face and at the top of her head. She, unlike most female characters, wears light magenta/pale pink eyeshadow. She wears white boots, and blue-green jeans that are torn on the knees. Vidalia has a leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders, and it appears to have a belt hanging off of it. Her shirt is pale blue.


She is shown to have an apathetic personality. She shows barely any concern for anything or anyone around her.


"Story for Steven"

Vidalia is first shown when Greg Universe runs to his van to retrieve a T-shirt for Rose Quartz. Marty introduces her to Greg, and she is not seen after.


Greg Universe

Exactly how she felt about Greg is unknown, though she does make a (presumably sarcastic) remark about his van.


Marty hooks-up with her as he and Greg are playing in Beach City. They attended a party with her friends together. Their relationship seems to have not been anything serious but rather a cheap fling, as Marty is quick to abandon her when he and Greg have to leave Beach City to continue the tour -- which is a stark contrast to how Greg felt towards Rose.


  • She shares her name with the Vidalia onion.
    • Her onion-themed name hints at a possible family ties with Onion and Sour Cream, which many fans have speculated upon.

      An Annoyed looking Vidalia

    • Her physical appearance bears a striking similarity to both.
    • As for possible biological fathers; Marty resembles Sour Cream, while Yellowtail resembles Onion.
    • Vidalia, Onion, Sour Cream, and Yellowtail are all named after food.
  • Vidalia, so far, has the smallest amount of screen time in the entire series, followed by Malachite and Rainbow Quartz.
  • Vidalia's head and the top of her hair looks slightly like an onion furthering her name Vidalia as it is also an onion.

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