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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Steven's Room]
(Steven is seen calling Peridot through "Videophone" on a laptop.)
Peridot Hello?
Steven Hi, Peridot!
Peridot Steven, can you hear me?
Steven I-I can hear y-
Steven I can hear y-
(Peridot fiddles with her tablet to increase the volume, while she grumbles loudly in frustration.)
Peridot How do I work this stupid thing? Ahh! Steven?
Steven Hi, Peridot!
Peridot Steven! *laughs* Behold my resourceful genius! I figured out how to get Wi-Fi in the barn.
(Peridot shows Steven an active lawnmower outside the barn, remodeled into a modem.)
Peridot The connection is fast enough to stream "Camp Pining Hearts" in all 1,080 p's! It took me a while, but let me tell you how I did it. So, I had to go through-
(Peridot's transmission begins glitching out.)
Steven Peridot?
Peridot So, there I was, face to face with one of those big-
(The transmission continues to glitch, as the signal gets interrupted with squealing noises.)
Steven Peridot, you're breaking up.
Peridot ...running for my life with nothing but a-
(The transmission glitches again.)
Peridot And then it bit me!-
(The transmission glitches once more.)
Peridot And now the Wi-Fi works perfectly. What did you do today?
Steven I learned how to do this.
(Steven does the "rubber pencil" trick for Peridot to see.)
Peridot Whaaaat!? Lapis, get over here.
Lapis Is that... Steven? *looks uneasy*
Peridot Yes.
Lapis Oh, no! Steven, what happened?!
Steven Oh, you guys, it's fine. It's just a-
Lapis How did he get trapped in there?! Why aren't you doing something?!
Peridot Lapis, relax. It's just my communication pad.
(Lapis snatches Peridot's tablet.)
Lapis Who did this to you?! Steven, I'll get you out of there! Where's your gem on this thing? I-I-
Steven Lapis?
Lapis I can't find it!
Peridot What?
Lapis He must be inside!
Steven Wait-
Steven & Peridot Lapis-
Peridot It's just a screen! Sto-
(The transmission from Peridot's end suddenly cuts away.)
Steven Oh geez!
(Steven crawls away out of his room, when Peridot's transmission returns.)
Peridot Oh, thank the stars. I thought you were a goner.
Lapis Step aside, Peridot. I have to free him.
Peridot Lapis, no!
Lapis *wielding a baseball bat* I'll save you Steven! I'll save you like you saved me!
Peridot Calm down!
(Steven then comes running into the Barn.)
Steven Wait! Stop! I'm fine!
Lapis Steven! You're okay! *hugs Steven*
Lapis Oh, sorry, Peridot.
Peridot It's okay. Just take it easy with that bat.
(Just then, Lion's legs appear on the laptop's end of the video chat.)
Steven Aww look. It's Lion. W-Wait, Lion. Lion, be careful! Lion, no!
(Lion knocks the laptop out of Steven's room, causing the connection to end.)
Steven Noooo! *runs frantically out of the Barn* That was Connie's laptop! LION!
Lapis He should really be more careful with other people's stuff.
Peridot *unamused* Hmm...
(Peridot ends the call as well.)

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