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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Beach House]
(Steven is seen putting on a doctor outfit, as he begins speaking to a patient.)
Steven So, how would you like your magical spit administered today?
(The patient revealed to be one of Mayor Nanefua's Ruby bodyguards with a cracked gem, causing her neck to be extended.)
Ruby 1 Ah, geez, uh... the not kissing one?
Steven You got it!
(Steven licks his palm and applies healing spit onto the Ruby's gem, healing the crack and her neck retracts back to normal.)
Steven Man, what kind of enemies does the mayor have to keep you landing in my office?
Ruby 1 That's classified information, nurse-citizen Universe.
Steven Okay, well, try not to classify too hard out there. Oh, don't forget your lollipop. *hands the Ruby a lollipop*
Ruby 1 Yeah! *chuckles quietly*
Steven Next patient, please.
(A bunch of Quartzes enters into the house, all with cracked gems and physical deformities.)
Steven Uh... Volleyball must have gotten really wild, huh?
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
(Steven heals the Quartzes and bids them farewell, walking out onto the porch.)
Steven Come again! Just, like, not too soon. And remember, volleyball isn't a contact sport!
Pink Pearl *standing on the porch* Excuse me?
Steven Oh, it's you!
Pink Pearl I heard you might be able to help me with this. *points at her cracked eye*
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Steven leads Pink Pearl into the house.)
Steven You came to the right place. I'll have you fixed up in a jiffy.
(Steven motions Pink Pearl to sit on a chair and licks his palm.)
Pink Pearl Uh...
Steven Oh, sorry. I-It's never not gross when I do this.
(Steven pats his palm onto Pink Pearl's gem and waits... as nothing happens.)
Pink Pearl ... Did it work?
Steven Maybe if we try applying it directly to the injury?
(Steven licks and pats his palm onto Pink Pearl's cracked eye, which again results in nothing.)
Steven Huh!? Is it me?
(Steven runs over to a potted plant in the living room and plucks a leaf from it. He then taps on the stem with his healing spit, which results in a flower bouquet blooming.)
Steven It's super not me. Hmm... I'm sorry if it's a sore subject, but can you remember anything that happened while you were under White Diamond's control?
Pink Pearl Nope! 8,000 years just, blip, gone!
Steven So, you must not remember getting this crack in the first place.
Pink Pearl Oh, no, no. This is from before.
Steven White hurt you before she controlled you?
Pink Pearl What? Oh, stars! What a misunderstanding. This is all Pink Diamond.
Steven My mom?!
(Steven tenses up, briefly turning pink, and Pink Pearl gasps in shock. Steven quickly notices and shakes.)
Steven Sorry! It's just baggage.
Pink Pearl Is everything... all right?
Steven Yep, but this is not about me! We're gonna get you fixed up, and I know just the Pearl to help us!
[Trans. Ext. Crystal Temple]
(Steven drags Pink Pearl out onto the beach, when he barely dodges an incoming volleyball. On the beach, a volleyball court is set up, where the Quartzes are playing volleyball aggressively while Pearl acts as the referee.)
Angel Aura Quartz Think fast! *smacks the volleyball*
Zebra Jasper Gaahh! *gets hit in the head by the volleyball*
Pearl *blows a whistle* Next set. *notices Steven* Well, if it isn't my favorite medical professional.
Steven Pearl, do you have a minute for me and my friend?
Pearl *notices Pink Pearl* ... Sure. Did you come to compete?
Pink Pearl Pardon?
Pearl Oh, I mean... *blushes sheepishly* In the volleyball tournament.
Steven Oh, actually, we came here because we need your help.
Pearl Oh, what can I do for you?
Steven So, this is Pearl. She was Mom's- I mean, Pink Diamond's Pearl, too, a long time ago. And, Pearl, you remember Pearl? She was also Pink Diamond's Pearl- Argh, that's too many Pearls! We should probably give you a nickname.
Pink Pearl *blushes slightly* A nickname?
Steven *chuckling* Yeah. A nickname, you know?
Pink Pearl Oh, no, I know what a nickname is. It's just that it reminds me so much of Pink. She used to give silly little names to everything. *reminiscing over Pink* She was so funny like that.
Pearl Looks like someone's still got it bad.
Steven What about... *gets hit by a volleyball* "Volleyball"?
Pink Pearl *giggles* "Volleyball"? That's so funny. You're just like her.
Steven No, no, no. I'm not like... *sighs* Anyway, we're here because of the crack on her face.
Pearl Oh, poor thing. *whispers* It's such a shame what White did to her.
(Steven tenses up again, turning pink once more.)
Pearl Steven?
Angel Aura Quartz Waahhh!
(Angel Aura Quartz gets knocked flying across the place in the background and crashes into the sand, which snaps Steven out of his pink state back to reality.)
Steven It doesn't matter how it happened! What matters is finding a way to fix it. My healing powers didn't work on her. We thought maybe you know what to do.
Pearl Well, when a Pearl was damaged, they were usually brought to the Reef.
Pink Pearl Yes! That's exactly what Pink would do.
Pearl Well, I was her Pearl.
Pink Pearl Me, too! We were very close.
Pearl *chuckles* I love your energy. It reminds me of when I was younger.
Pink Pearl I'm older than you.
(Pearl gets hit in the head by a volleyball, as she glares at Pink Pearl in unrest.)
[Trans. Int. The Reef]
(Following Pearl's advice, Steven and the Pearls warp through toward the oyster-shaped facility.)
Pearl Here we are.
Steven This is The Reef? Is this where Pearls are made?
Pearl Were, but yes.
Pink Pearl It also serves as a luxury boutique and a center for refurbishment and repair.
Steven Repair, yes! Just what I wanted to hear.
(Steven places his hand on a hand pedestal in the center of the room and activates the facility.)
Shell Welcome, Pink Diamond.
Steven Uh, no. I'm Steven Universe.
Shell Welcome, Steven Universe. I am Shell, your guide to the Reef.
Steven Uh, hi, Shell. My friend, Volleyball, has a crack on her face, and we were hoping you could fix it.
Shell Understood. Please follow the illuminated path to the Care Center.
Pink Pearl You really didn't have to come all the way out here for such a trivial thing.
Steven It's not trivial. Soon, we'll all be able to put the past behind us.
Pearl Don't worry, Volleyball. I'll be right here holding your hand.
(Steven and the Pearls begins following the lit pathway, entering a boutique hallway display various Pearl holograms and accessories.)
Steven Whoa-ho!
Shell Please feel free to take your time looking through the latest offerings in accessories and appearance modifiers as we make our way to the Care Center.
Pink Pearl *gasps* Look at these darling fans!
Steven What about you, Pearl? Any rush of nostalgia?
Pearl Please, nothing like looking at glitzy tchotchkes to get you nostalgic for a simpler time. *looks at a ribbon wand* I mean, really, who even needs junk like this? Right, Volleyball?
Pink Pearl *gasps* What a sweet ribbon wand! It's just like mine.
(Pink Pearl summons a ribbon wand of her own and twirls it around elegantly.)
Pink Pearl It was a gift from Pink. Isn't it exquisite? What did Pink get you?
Pearl *laughs* It's sweet that you have these keepsakes, but, well, no need to be overly... attached.
(Out of spite, Pearl attempts to snatch the ribbon wand away from Pink Pearl, unmoved and gripping onto it tightly.)
Steven Guys, can we keep moving?
Pearl Yes, let's. *stomps off* I've certainly had about enough of this circus of objectification.
[Trans. Int. Care Center]
Shell Welcome to the Care Center. We have everything here to update or repair any Pearl.
(Pink Pearl steps onto a panel in the middle of the room.)
Shell Scanning in progress.
Pink Pearl So, how do I look?
Shell I am sorry. There is nothing I can do.
Steven But you just told us you could repair any Pearl!
Shell Her physical form shows damage, but her pearl is perfectly fine. This injury must have been so impactful that it continues to manifest despite the fact that her pearl has been repaired.
Steven So, it's like... psychological?
Pink Pearl That's absurd! I am fine.
(Pink Pearl turns to Steven and Pearl, forcing a smile, as more cracks manifest on her eye.)
Steven *frightened* Ahh...
Pearl How could White be so careless?
Pink Pearl *chuckling* Oh, no, Pearl. You've got it all wrong. Pink did this.
Pearl What did you say? *approaches Pink Pearl*
Steven Pearl, no!
Pink Pearl It's a funny story, really. Once, Pink got tired of asking Yellow and Blue for her own colony, so she went straight to White. Of course, White told her she wasn't fit to run one, and, well, that set her off.
Pearl "Set her off?" What are you talking about?
Pink Pearl You remember how she was with her destructive powers, throwing tantrums left and right. She had a scream that could crack the walls. She didn't mean to hurt me. *chuckles* I just happened to be standing too close to her that time and-
Steven *covers his ears in anguish* Doesn't matter, I'm gonna fix it!
Pearl Destructive powers? Pink didn't have destructive powers; she was a healer! She didn't throw tantrums; she kept her feelings secret.
Pink Pearl The Pink I knew couldn't keep a secret to save her gem.
Pearl Are you kidding? If anything, she was too good at keeping secrets, even from me!
(Steven glares furiously. His entire body turns pink.)
Steven *groans loudly* Stop it! I can't deal with one more horrible thing she did, Okay?! (The Pearls gasp.) I don't want to hear about it! I don't even want to think about it!
Pearl Steven...!
Steven I just... want to fix it!!
(Steven unleashes a room-wrecking shockwave from his rage, causing a crater beneath him and cracks everywhere in the room. Pink Pearl cowers in sheer fear, traumatized by her past experience. Steven glowers with his entire body still pink. He looks down at the cracked floor seeing his glowing reflection and immanently regrets his actions as he changes back to his normal color. Suddenly, The room turns red.)
Shell I am terribly sorry for the troubles these defective Pearls have brought you. For Pearls exhibiting problems this severe, rejuvenation is required.
Steven What!?
(A pair of oyster shells then encases Pearl and Pink Pearl on the panel.)
Shell When the process is complete, they will obey you without fail.
Steven No, no, no, no! What have I done? *bangs on the shells* Shell, stop it!
Shell Do not worry, Steven Universe. Your Pearls are about to be better than new. Feel free to watch their progress on the view screen.
(A pink rejuvenation electricity begins zapping both Pearls, and they both scream and groan in agony. As pink circuitry courses through their bodies, Pearl places her hand over Pink Pearl's shoulder.)
Pearl I'm sorry for not believing you. It looks like I'm still making excuses for her.
Pink Pearl Is that what I've been doing?! But she didn't mean to!
Pearl But you were hurt- badly hurt!
Pink Pearl I was badly hurt- How did you stop hurting?
Pearl *hugs Pink Pearl* I didn't.
(Reciprocating the hug, the two Pearls begin glowing together, as the screen dissipates. Steven flinches backwards as the shells begin to crack and burst open, presenting Mega Pearl.)
Steven You fused!
(Stabilizing her body, Mega Pearl stands proudly and confidently. Shell's core begins glowing red in high alert.)
Shell Warning: Unauthorized entity found within the facility. Defense protocol activated.
(Claws emerge from the walls towards Mega Pearl, who dexterously and elegantly slices away with her ribbon wand.)
Steven Quick, let's go back to the entrance to shut down the Reef! Whoa, whoa!
(The door to the Care Center suddenly closes. Mega Pearl picks Steven up and slices through the door. Lasers begin blasting from the walls, and Mega Pearl maneuvers through them with grace.)
Steven Yeah, almost there!
(As one last defense, giant clam shells emerge from the walls to block the exit, and tendrils grab hold of Mega Pearl to halt her movement forward.)
Mega Pearl It's up to you now, Steven.
(Mega Pearls transforms her ribbon wand into a lance and hurls it, piercing through the many shells up front. She chucks Steven through, and he slides with his shield to the hand pedestal, shutting the Reef down and deactivating its defenses just in time. Exhausted, but relieved, Steven and Mega Pearl smile at each other, and depart from the Reef at last.)
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
(It is night-time, Steven sits alone and somber on the beach, drawing in the sand, when Mega Pearl approaches from behind.)
Steven ... I'm so sorry. The whole trip was for nothing.
Mega Pearl No, it wasn't for nothing. Your mother's Pearls never had the whole picture. One knew your mother was trying to change, but she couldn't understand why. The other never expected her to change at all. Now, I get to understand everything. Now, they finally get to have each other.
(Mega Pearl unfuses back into Pearl and Pink Pearl, still holding hands and heartful to one another as Steven smiles. Pink Pearl leans on Pearl's shoulder and gazes out to the distant skyline, with a glimmering eye.)

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