(Prosecutor Zircon actually cried too.)
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* [[Summer of Steven]]
* [[Summer of Steven]]
* [[In Too Deep]]
* [[In Too Deep]]
* [[Stranded]]

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Steven Universe Wanted Promo Title

Wanted was a one-hour special event that aired on May 29, 2017.[1]


The event unfolded over four episodes during a one-hour special on May 29, 2017.


May 29, 2017 (7:00 p.m. EST)


  • The events of this special take place directly after the events of "I Am My Mom".
  • This is the first time the Gem Homeworld is shown. It is also the first time a Kindergarten located on a planet that isn't Earth is seen.
  • In each episode of the special, at least one character cries.
    • In "Stuck Together", Lars cries because he is afraid. Towards the ending of the episode, Topaz cries after hearing Steven and Lars' conversation.
    • In "The Trial", Blue Diamond's aura causes everyone on the scene aside from Lars to cry.
    • In "Off Colors", Steven cries after Lars dies.
    • In "Lars' Head", Steven cries after eating for the first time in days. He later cries when he reunites with the Crystal Gems, his father and Connie.


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