Warp Space is a teleportation space accessed with and for the use of Warp Pads.


It is described as very dangerously cold and containing very little air; several thunderclouds are visible throughout Warp Space.

The warp streams travel for a small period of time while carrying the matter of the initial warp pad to the destination. The barrier that keeps air and heat inside the warp stream is intangible, allowing for anything to pass through it easily. When outside of a stream, it is possible to enter another stream, as long as it is warping.

Users can be warped outside of the destined warp pad if floating freely inside the stream, as seen in "Serious Steven" when Steven lands slightly away from the Gem Battlefield warp pad due to the Crystal Gems arriving shortly before he would.


  • The Warp Space used by the Crystal Gems seems to only connect to basic Warp Pads on Earth. Peridot was unable to use the Homeworld Warp to warp to the Kindergarten, heading towards the "domestic warp" before retreating back to Homeworld.
  • In "Winter Forecast", Pearl mentions the possibility that the Shooting Star could accidentally detonate within Warp Space.
  • Only Gems can use Warp Pads (and access Warp Space) without the help of Gem technology, such as the Warp Whistle.
  • Several streams can be traveling to the same destination at once, as seen in "Warp Tour".
    • However, it should be noted that the Galaxy Warp has only one known functioning Warp Pad, which would imply that several streams can arrive at one Warp Pad simultaneously.



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