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But it was real! Something was warping somewhere in the warp!


"Warp Tour" is the 36th episode of the first season of Steven Universe and the 36th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven thinks he sees something creepy traversing the warp streams, and the Gems try to ease his paranoia.[2]


Warp Tour (012).png

The Gems warp back home after a mission in Flower Meadow. Pearl and Amethyst are even complimenting each other's contributions. Steven is allergic to the flowers in the meadow; while warping back, Pearl tells Steven to sneeze into his antecubital fossa (the inside of his elbow), but his sneeze propels him to the edge of the warp stream. Steven's head pops out of the stream, revealing space and another warp stream adjacent to the one the Gems are using. Steven sees a fast and circular object warping through one of them. Garnet pulls Steven back and tells him not to stick his head outside, as there is not much air and it is cold. Steven tells the Gems there was something warping, but Pearl does not believe him. Garnet agrees with Pearl, telling Steven that there has not been anything else out there for a long, long time.

Warp Tour (047).png

That night, Steven can not sleep due to his fear of the entity he saw earlier in the warp stream. Amethyst appears, grabbing a midnight snack and offers Steven the macaroni cheese she is eating. Steven declines and tells Amethyst that he can not sleep, and she teases him about something warping into the house and attacking him in his sleep. Steven tentatively denies this. Amethyst tells him not to let the "warp monster bite" and leaves joyfully. Armed with a water gun, Steven decides to stay up and watch over the warp pad for any dangers that lurk. While on his post, however, he eventually falls asleep.

Warp Tour (071).png

In the morning, Pearl wakes up Steven, saying the Gems have a surprise for him, which startles him into spraying her with his water gun. Garnet states that he can not get any of the cookies they made as a surprise, so Amethyst then eats them all instead. Steven apologizes for spraying Pearl and blames it on his lack of sleep. Pearl questions if it was about the thing he saw in the warp stream, and Steven exclaims that it was real. Pearl replies, "Nothing on Earth can use the warps but us." Garnet suggests that the Gems check the warps to ease Steven's paranoia. Steven and Pearl agree both believing that they will be right.

Warp Tour (100).png

They check back at the Flower Meadow. Steven sneezes and Garnet says bless you. Then at the Geode, Pearl confirms that nothing is there either, and comments on the Geode's good condition before they leave. They check the Sky Spire and find Steven Jr., who is now a father to two children. Amethyst rejoices for Steven who is now a grandpa. Pearl says that they looked all over, and there is nothing to find because there was never anything to begin with. Steven claims that she is wrong, which irritates Pearl. Pearl, with a fierce glare, says she does not like Steven's tone.

Warp Tour (117).png

At the Galaxy Warp, Pearl chastises Steven, showing him that all warp pads leading off-planet are broken. She even reminds Steven of the sad cartoon stickers he had placed on each of the pads to mark them as inactive. Steven agrees with the Gems that they are safe. While they talk about how Steven now feels safe and that it is important for him to feel that way, Steven snaps at the Gems for telling him how he feels. He insists he knows something was inside the stream, which leads to Pearl and Steven arguing again. Amethyst states that the arguing between the two is a new thing, and she likes it. Pearl tells Steven that he does not know what he is talking about, to which Steven yells back that she does not know what he is talking about. This aggravates Pearl, and Garnet firmly tells Steven to let it go.

Warp Tour (147).png

That night, Steven sits in the house staring at the warp pad while eating dry macaroni (as Amethyst had eaten the cheese packets the previous night). Amethyst comes out of her room and tries to cheer Steven up, but seeing he is still in a bitter mood, she gives up and leaves the house. Just as Steven is about to give up his watch and admit that he was wrong, a small metallic ball crashes through the roof. Legs expand from the ball, revealing it to be a robot. The robot goes for the warp pad, but Steven blocks it. The robot tackles him and shoots a liquid at him which he avoids. Steven grabs one of its legs and throws it into the side of the warp pad, damaging both the robot and the warp pad, for which he apologizes. The robot shoots some goo onto the warp pad fixing the crack before activating the pad. Steven then jumps into the stream after it.

Warp Tour (212).png

As Steven struggles with the robot, others just like it appears in the stream and begin to crowd Steven, pushing him towards the edge of the stream. Steven tries to break free, but eventually tumbles out of the warp stream and begins slowly floating away, still holding one of the robots. Steven takes comfort in the fact that he was right all along, but this quickly turns to despair as he realizes he is going to die cold and alone. Suddenly, a warp stream opens right behind him, and Garnet sticks her arms out and pulls Steven to safety. She comforts him, telling him to take deep breaths. Garnet notices the robot Steven still has with him and says that must have been what he saw in the stream. Steven says he does not care about that anymore, but Garnet says that she does. She apologizes to Steven, telling him that he is a Crystal Gem too, and they should have listened to him before. Pearl and Amethyst appear moments later and are relieved to see Steven is all right.

Warp Tour (242).png

They arrive at the Galaxy Warp, and the robot joins the rest of its troop over at the Homeworld warp. Pearl questions what they are doing to the warp as they spray it with their liquid. Soon all the cracks in the warp are gone, and it begins to activate. Garnet grabs her teammates and quickly takes them to a hiding spot. A green Gem appears on the warp pad and begins speaking to an audio recording log, revealing her name to be Peridot. As Steven watches, she says the warp pad repair was successful and is about to continue when she is distracted by the damaged, now named, Flask Robonoid. Peridot then crushes it under her foot, much to Steven's shock.


When Peridot steps off of the warp pad, she notices the Crying Breakfast Friends! sticker and fears the area may have been compromised. She places an EMP device on the warp pad and warps away. The device then detonates, deactivating the remaining Flask Robonoids. Pearl and Amethyst are worried about what just happened, seemingly afraid of being found by Peridot or who sent her. Steven asks questions about Peridot's motives. Garnet then walks towards the Homeworld warp, saying that it does not matter while summoning her gauntlets in greater size than usually seen on the show, and smashes the Homeworld warp. Garnet dramatically ends the episode by saying, "She's not coming back." The episode then cuts to black in stark contrast to the usual star iris ending.






Instrumental Songs


  • When Peridot leaves, Pearl says, "They're coming back," which implies more Gems could come back with Peridot and that they were there before, which alludes to the events of "The Return".
  • The way Garnet grabs Steven back into the warp beam may be a reference to Rebecca Sugar's short, "Singles".
  • This is the first episode airing in 2015.
  • It's revealed that Steven is allergic to flowers.

Cultural References

  • Some of the symbols on Peridot's touchscreen vaguely resemble the Arabic script.
  • The title seems to be a reference to the Vans Warped Tour.
  • Amethyst says "Don't let the warp monster bite." This is a parody of the phrase "Sleep tight, don't let the bed-bugs bite."


  • The Galaxy Warp from "Space Race" reappears.
  • The Geode from "House Guest" reappears.
  • Steven Jr. from the episode "Giant Woman" makes a reappearance at the Sky Spire, and is revealed to have children.
  • During the dictation of her log entry, Peridot states that she is going to "locate and manually reactivate Kindergar-" at which point she was interrupted by the damaged robonoid. The "Kindergarten" is later revealed in "On the Run", and Peridot, despite multiple attempts, is unable to access it until "Marble Madness".
  • Pearl's warning that "they", i.e. the Gems from Homeworld, "are coming back" turns out to be prophetic as Peridot returns in a Gem warship with a powerful Gem called Jasper.
  • Garnet's weighted gauntlets from "Garnet's Universe" appears at the end of the episode.


Note: Time is displayed in [mm:ss]; [00:00] refers to the point after the title card is displayed and before the episode's start.


  • [01:58] The Cookie Cat alarm clock next to the tissue box on Steven's nightstand disappears after Amethyst offers macaroni cheese to Steven.
  • [02:47] When Garnet is holding the tray of cookies, there appear to be eight. When Amethyst eats the cookies, she eats nine.
  • [03:07] When Steven says, "But it was real," the keys on the coat rack behind him disappear. They reappear, disappear again, and reappear again in the next three shots.
  • [10:07] The robot on Peridot's shoulder disappears before she leaves.


  • [00:52] When Steven is floating to the outside of the warp stream, the fullness of Garnet's lips is missing.
  • [02:48] When Amethyst gobbles up all the cookies that Garnet baked, her gem is missing.
  • [03:38] When the Gems reach the Geode, the bottom of Garnet's attire and her shoulders pads have the colors reversed.
  • [05:25] When Garnet tells Steven to let it go, Ruby's gem facet is not oriented correctly.
  • [08:57] When the Crystal Gems hide from Peridot, Garnet's left shoulder pad is colored black instead of crimson red.


  • [08:52] Just before Garnet jumps into hiding behind the rock pillar, the colors of her left upper arm and left forearm briefly switches colors.


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